Government assigning street names

What's next?  Stop lights?

Field workers have begun contacting residents on St. John to assign street names and numbers to their homes.  They will be visiting residences, "leaving door hangers … to verify existing street informtion as reported in property tax databseas," the office of the Lieutenant Governor said.  "These hangers will also contacin the new address that has been assignbed."

"Addressing is not only critical to emergency services," said Gregory Francis, the Lt. Gov., "but is also an important tool as we continue to build the territory's economy and infrastructure."

Some roads in Estate Enighed and Contant already have street names, but some don't.  So the government is asking for suggestions.  There are guidelines. One of them is that "All names shall be culturally appropriate or relating to local history."  Here are the gudelines.

Advice about the street addressing project are included in a document from the Lt. Gov. It answers questions such as high tall should my house numbers be and how mail should be addressed.  You can read the FAQ here.

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  1. THe St. John Historical Society members are tuned in. I hope they’re part of the process. We’re rental-vistor-members of both VINP and SJHS. They both have exceptional events.
    We’ll be back in Coral Bay 2014 Feb from Kansas City Missouri

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