What’s it like to live on St. John?


Here's a small thing about living on the island. Extrapolate as you wish. 

Hovensa, the oil refinery on St. Croix – which is going out of business this summer – just raised its wholesale regular gasoline price nine cents a gallon.  It's the sixth price increase in six weeks.  The Virgin Islands Daily News figures independent gas station operators are paying $3.20 a gallon for fuel delivered at the truck loading station on the big island to the south. 

Meanwhile, a soon-to-be-on-islander posted to the Virgin Islands On-Line forum wanting to get a general idea of how much he should expect to spend for gas in his rented Jeep Wrangler.  "We'll be visiting a few beaches each day," he said. 

One answer came from Bluewater43. "We were there in May for 11 days.  We traveled a lot, filling up once, then topping off before turning the Jeep back in.  We spent about $100."

Pia, a local, said she gasses up once a week, drives about 150 miles. It costs her $65.

Maine4me09 then asked what's the current price for gasoline?

Pia responded – and here's the factoid, a clue to how it is to live on St. John: "I have no idea. When there is only one gas station on the island, you just fill up :)"!

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  1. Hey, that’s kind of a no-choice moment there. Just fill ’em up. Well, if we be drivin’ on those new hybrids, then we can have a charging station that’s more efficient and environment-friendly, don’t you think?

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