What’s in the Sky Today?

For those of you who are lucky enough to be on island right now and are near Cruz Bay, go outside and look up. There are two (and perhaps three) very strange things in the sky.

Check out these pics courtesy of Steve Simonsen to see what we’re talking about:

17820051_10212327731486837_594203980_o 17797788_10212327730246806_1682055450_o 17797741_10212327732606865_1356290580_o
Weird, right?

The Simonsens phoned the FAA, and they stated they have no knowledge of what these things may be. Perhaps amateur weather balloons? Maybe it’s a Google Loon Balloon? (Click here to learn what that is.) Either way, go outside and check them out. They’re pretty neat.

7 thoughts on “What’s in the Sky Today?”

  1. Really weird!
    Doesn’t the 2nd pic look like there’s a person on a SUP board holding a long paddle?! At least to my kooky brain it does, LOL.
    Can’t wait to hear what they are.

  2. HBAL244 Google Loon at almost at 60,000 feet!! Looks like they were sent out of Ceiba on east coast of PR. Info from flightradar24 app

  3. a bit more from wikipedia:

    On 25 February 2016, Google started testing their autolauncher named “Chicken Little” at former naval station Roosevelt Roads located in Ceiba, Puerto Rico.

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