What’s Happening at Mooie’s?


One of our readers sent this in today. It prompts the question – what’s happening over at Mooie’s?

We’ve heard that Mooie’s is staying open and an ATM is moving in next door. Now that would be a nice and convenient spot.

Mooie’s is such a fun little spot that gets little fanfare. So it leaves us wondering – what is your favorite Mooie’s memory?

13 thoughts on “What’s Happening at Mooie’s?”

  1. I visited Mooie’s for the first time in 2010 with two girlfriends. We went in to enjoy a beverage and ended up speaking with Josephina for a long time. I had received a phone call from home earlier that night from my husband back home telling me that my son (12) had decided to try alcohol when left home alone for a short time. He ended up in the ER and I was rather upset and concerned. Josephina could not have been sweeter and offered so many words of wisdom. My son (now 14 and alcohol free!) and I have visited her on every return trip since. We just purchased a fun purple Mooie’s hat in late June.

  2. Sitting down for the 1st time and asking for a rum and diet, and the fabulous woman brings over the bottle, starts pouring and says,…”just say when”

    • That is Mooies, Theodora pours a strong drink of any kind…her rum punch is a great start to your vacation. She is a sweet lady with a huge heart! So glad to see she is not leaving!

  3. The best rum punch in the Caribbean & Theodora’s insightful stories of the history of the island. Love Theodora. It’s the first place we stop as we get off the ferry.

  4. Mooie’s, is Politics Central. There you can catch up on the news and engage in lively, intelligent discussion. Rum punches are the best on the island and Theodora doesn’t do tourist prices but instead a generous, fair accounting. Mooie’s is a gem and so is Theodora, hugely charming, witty and well-informed. Murals documenting island history are another wonderful detail.

  5. Mooie’s is the heart of the real St. John. It is a place where I learned much of St. John history. Theodora is the best!

  6. Favorite memory of Mooie’s? THEODORA, of course! What a precious lady! Mooie’s daughter is by far one of the most treasured people on STJ. Her family, stories, memories & history of this island extend back to a time many of us have never experienced about STJ. We go visit her each trip back to STJ. She’s right up there w/the likes of Guy Benjamin & others (in my opinion) who have poured their life into this beautiful island of God’s creation we know as St John!

  7. For some reason my impression of Mooie’s was a locals only, visitors not welcome kind of place. I decided to give it a try anyway and I could not have been more wrong ! Mooie’s is now my favorite bar in Cruz Bay ! The lady owner was as nice as pie and she remembered everything I remembered from 1965 on my first visit as a kid camping with my parents. I can’t wait to go back next winter !

  8. Relaxing out front with a drink and people watching or chatting with Theodora…either way it is a welcoming place to hang out!

  9. My favorite place to visit. Theodora makes the best bushwacker. Just sitting out front people watching, and visiting with Theodora. Her stories of the island history and her family are the best. See you all at Mooies.

  10. In 2007 we got engaged on St John, we celebrated with drinks at Mooies with Theodora. In 2012 we got married at Mahu beach and had our late night wedding drinks after dinner at Mooies again with Theodora. That place will for ever be in our memories. As a matter of fact, I could have a Bushwacker right now!

  11. I was introduced to Mooies some years back and a repeat visit with cousins and friends, while visiting St. Johns. As soon as we entered you could feel the island hospitality. Theodora greeted us with open arms and gives the best island hugs.
    Definitely a place to stop in and say hello. I highly recommend her Bushwacker, and thank goodness we stayed within walking distance. I can also recommend her cousin, Patricia’s place, another must while on the island.

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