What Would You Do?

Ok folks, I’ve decided to take a break from the news today. Instead I’m looking for some advice…

I have a few girlfriends coming to the island this weekend. They’re twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings, and none have ever stepped foot on St. John. They’ve been texting me nonstop with crazy questions for weeks now like, “Should I bring wedges or flip flops?” Flip flops of course. “Does it shower every day there?” Yes, but it’s not a big deal. “Is it expensive?” Only if you want it to be. You get the point…

So, my question to all of you is… If you had friends visiting the island for the first time, what are some must-sees in your opinion? Please leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Here are a few thoughts I have…

Visit some ruins…

Daily STJ November 8 2013

Snorkel with some turtles…

Maho turtleDo a little hiking…

Daily STJ July 14 2014

And of course, some beaching…


Ok, your turn! Please leave your suggestions in the comments section. Thanks!

63 thoughts on “What Would You Do?”

  1. Drive North Shore, stop at every outlook for pictures. A trip out to Drunk Bay so everyone can leave their mark. And this is probably a given, but the Happy Hour crawl in Cruz Bay.

  2. I happen to have three newbies coming today- yippee!! We will snorkel, hike and snorkel again, sunset cruise, and so a little drinking and eating around the area!! Favorites probably will be Maho, Leinster / annaberg , Lameshur or salt pond and east end!! Can’t wait to play and show off our new digs !

  3. Spend a day at Maho Bay! We went for our honeymoon in 2011 and spent 3 of our 10 day trip there! Beautiful! The turtles! Loved them. Can’t wait to go back for our 5 year anniversary in a couple years. Would have come back sooner but have a 2 year old and baby on the way!

  4. We recently visited with 4 teens and we all agreed snorkeling at Waterlemon was one of the highlights as was Maho Beach. Oddly enough, for whatever reason we all really liked Peace Hill. We walked up, had our breakfast and just relaxed up there one morning. Happy Hour at Castaways is good as is margarita night at Morgans Mango!

  5. I Highly recommend chartering the Beach bar Rock n Rolla with Iggy for the day over to Jost. My wife and I were down there a few weeks ago on our honeymoon and did this. It was by far the best day of our trip!

  6. Painkillers at the Beach Bar for sunset
    Chesters for dinner
    Btw…P&P was the absolute WORST food experience I’ve had in all my visits to the island. .. It sucks

  7. Take the half day kayak and snorkel guided tour with Arawak…been on island many many times but did this tour for the first time this year and it was amazing!

  8. All of the above! Love thew views from the Ram’s Head Trail(go early in the day..it gets hot out there…oh you probably already know that. 😉 ), of course Reef Bay Trail and L’Esperance Trail are wonderful hikes and if you go with a Park Ranger you can get a lot of great information as well as nice boat ride back to town. Rent kayaks…we’ve rented both at Cinnamon Bay and Coral Bay. Beach Bar…Skinnies..Shipwreck…Snorkeling at Haulover….Day trip to Jost….maybe see if the ACC is hiking and volunteer to take one of the dogs, or just take a walk with them during the week on their regular outings. So much to do and see…ahhhh…can’t wait to get back! <3 St. John

  9. Brown bay for hiking, snorkeling, and beach all in one. Salt pond and Rams Head. Drive the north shore just so they can say they have seen it. Go sailing.

  10. BBC And Pain Killers at sunset at Joe’s Rum Hut or the beach bar. Then head over to coral bay and hit Salt Pond and get a hike in then do The Tourist Trap for lunch.

  11. I have been coming to St. John for eighteen years! So much to do. Love the hike and snorkeling out at Waterlemon. And of course skinny’s!

  12. I took my parents horseback riding out of Coral Bay. The business was not officially open but the took us on a short ride above the bay and we watched the sunset. It was so much fun!

  13. Sail & snorkel with Singing Dog Sailing–relaxing & beautiful, power cruise with Palm Tree Charters—get a good overview of VI along with a history lesson plus you visit Soggy Dollar. Spend time at Trunk & Maho. For your Caribbean hook bracelet purchase, visit Vibe in Cruz Bay. Celebrate friendship–life is short!

  14. I love love love St. John .. Been there three times and hiked most of trails .. Reef bay is a must !! Explore the island and find your favorite spots . It’s different for everyone .. Enjoy !!!

  15. A giant Margarita at Margarita Phil’s. Art galleries that feature local art. Barbecue from the stand of your choice. Sunset dinner at Asolare. Maybe brunch at Caneel Bay but that is such a major splurge!

  16. A MUST SEE EVERY DAY IS the St. John Water and Ice Company! It’s hot! Then some beer at Dolphin. Then North Shore Road to Oppenheimer Salomon, Maho, Cinnamon, Hawknest, Skinny Legs later for a hot dog and beer. Salt pond, Drunk bay. Francis bay (I think). The windmill ruins and what not. Waterlemon Cay (not Watermelon!) FOR SURE! Have a great time! jealous!

  17. I would go to the beach at Trunk Bay, go on a charter to The Soggy Dollar with Palm Tree Charters and the coolest captain in town, and have dinner or drinks at night at the High Tide while looking at all the lights of St. Thomas.

  18. Hiking to and spending the day at Honeymoon Beach is a complete day in paradise. Pay the $$ for the use of the equipment there. A day trip to the British Virgin Islands is a must do!

  19. All the above for sure and a stop by ‘Coconut Coast Studio’ a short walk along water front from Cruz Bay. She has some nice local/self paintings and ‘T’s, etc.. of St.John. Ask for Elaine or her biz partner will welcome you all.

  20. Annanburg & Catherinsburg are two of my favorite ruins to visit. I enjoy a snorkel in Leinster and of course a day at Maho/Francis/Dennis/Hawksnest etc. but the one thing I really enjoyed on my last visit was a sunset dinner at Zozo’s in Caneel. I’m a foodie & don’t mind spending $ on a nice meal. The food was very good but even better was how beautiful Caneel is and the sunset was absolutely breathtaking. I’ve been on STJ for many sunsets and it took the cake!

    Have fun!! I love showing newbies around & sharing my passion for the most beautiful place in the world.

  21. We took some newbies in July. We didn’t want to pack too much in so that it was relaxing. They loved the boat trip to Virgin Gorda, Cooper & Jost on Bad Kitty. Sunset at Beach Bar, Cruz Bay Landing happy hour or dinner with live music. Peace Hill, Maho, paddle boarding at Cinnamon, driving the island, skinnies, water lemon snorkel.

  22. Hike the Lind Point Trail to Solomon and spend the entire day beaching/snorkeling. Then head back to Cruz Bay and take in all that is has to offer – surprisingly good dining, friendly bars, a bit of shopping. Then end the night with your feet in the bay while enjoying a Painkiller at The Beach Bar. THE PERFECT DAY!!

    Oh, “snorkeling with the turtles” may sound like something out of The Godfather, but it can’t be missed! Be sure to hit Maho and/or Francis for the best chances…

  23. A sunset or day sail on Kekoa! See Inner Visions, the best local reggae band! Go to the Rum Hut for happy hour and have a mango painkiller 🙂

  24. A day trip with Capt. John Brandi. And, don’t plan too much. If you don’t feel like peeling yourself off of the beach to go explore something, don’t. Relax and enjoy.

  25. Morning snorkeling at Kittle Bay, lunch at tourist trap then back down the hill to salt pond. They must go to Ranifly in Coral Bay for a custom bikini, unless she’s already off island. Waterlemon was the best for see turtles. A day at Francis Bay is an absolute must to wrap up their trip, that is always the last beach I visit before going home. Trunk Bay in the morning before it gets too crowded. The hike out to Tectite was fun and the snorkeling fantastic out there, as long as it’s not too windy, best if the wind is out of the north. Have a great time!

  26. I would include a day of shopping to include freebird, St. John Spice and mongoose junction! All of the other hiking and beaches go without saying!

  27. Stop by the NPS Visitor Center first & pick up their free info on trails, beaches, Snnaberg, including a map. Double check the schedule to make sure these times are still accurate & go on the Friday morning (7:30 am) ranger-led bird walk at along the Francis Bay trail. Then at 9:30 also Friday morning head to the Leinster Bay trailhead and go on the ranger-led Water’s Edge Adventure, finding brittle sea stars, rock boring urchins, sea cucumbers, conch, little crabs & hold them all. Wear water shoes! Also be sure to take a snorkel/sail or sunset sail with Kim & Lance aboard Sail Pepper out of Coral Bay. Enjoy!

  28. On St. John, definitely spend one day at Trunk Bay and then go have some great Barbeque and a few beers at the Barefoot Cowboy. On St. John, you also have to visit Salt Pond Bay eat lunch at the Tourist Trap and dinner at Skinny Legs. If Salt Pond or Trunk Bay are crowded you can’t go wrong at Caneel Bay and Honeymoon Beach.

    One day, charter a boat over to the BVI, take in the Baths, Cooper Island and even out to Sandy Spit. One day spend at White Bay, visit Jewel’s Snack, Soggy Dollar and Ivan’s Stressfree Bar:) If they are real adventures, take a boat to Norman Island and jump off the 2nd floor of the WillyT. A must for anyone that visits the BVI:) Enjoy!!!

  29. Take them to Jost one day. Rent a boat and go around the island to quiet areas to snorkel. Take them to Caravan Gallery. Go have a drink or a burger at the deck on top of Bordeaux mountain. Eat at the Banana Deck. Find the Donkey’s for photos! Those are my favs!

  30. It is such a shame that no one will speak up and give you any suggestions. 😉 The ideas above would take months to do. I am not opposed to staying for months. It’s just that most of us can’t. That’s why we go back year after year. Keep them on Island Time. Tell them to do what they feel like doing and nothing more. Have fun. No rules. No deadlines.

  31. Really?! All these posts and nobody mentioned lunch and craft shopping at Chateau Bordeaux? And I can’t say enough good things about a whole day spent at Angels’s Rest floating bar in Hansen bay. Look it up on facebook.

  32. I love bringing my sisters down for a week and the first place is always cinnamon bay for the best beach!!! Annaberg and catherinberg ruins, then Woodys and beach bar for the best drinks! Have to go shopping in Cruz bay get your hooks at caravan galleries and bamboo studios! We always do a few boats trips Wet Woodys to Jost. And a sunset sailboat! Just a few favorites

  33. Don’t forget to take time to just “be in the moment”. St John fun and full of history but it’s beauty is breathtaking and spiritual.

  34. I’m used to a much younger crowd obviously:
    I would add St. John Brewer’s for root beer floats. Vie’s for sweet iced tea. Island Blues for snail/hermit crab races at the bar. Lobster rolls at Tourist Trap. Meet new people at Woody’s during happy hour. Francis and Hawksnest for beaches.
    Waterlemon is a great snorkel but it isn’t the easiest and if you leave stuff on the shore a mongoose may run away with your Nutterbutters! Reef Bay Trail is pretty high on my list of things to do as well.

  35. Enjoy lunch at Chateau Bordeaux so you can just sit and soak in the view for an hour. It is my favorite view on the island. Then head east and visit Sloop Jones. Have a fantastic time. Nothing like the excitement of newbies on island!

  36. On our last trip to St. John, we stumbled upon the VIERS museum and really enjoyed it. You could do a morning at Lameshur and snorkel the Yazwi point snorkel, head over to the museum, and then to the tourist trap for lunch. Then some other east end spot for the afternoon

  37. Day sail with Jason on Cloud nine to Jost Van Dyke, inexpensive breakfast at the Deli in Mongoose, and of course a lunch, or two, at Skinny Legs.

  38. We spent the first week of August on St John (our first visit) and it was amazing. Our highlights & recommendations: Charter boat trips with Cptn Patrick Cena of The Privateer. Breakfast at Foxy’s on Jost, with Foxy himself. White Bay was gorgeous, and Soggy Dollar was cool, but One Love had better painkillers. Lunch at Foxy’s Taboo and lunch at Willy T’s were both awesome. Beach Bar and Joe’s Rum Hut were great for evening fun, but I’m never going to slip n slide again in my life.

    Pack your luggage and then remove half of it. You will not need long pants or any ‘dress’ clothes. Talk to the locals, and say good morning to everyone. Tip the taxi drivers well…they all took great care of us. Check out Caravan Gallery at mongoose junction…very cool shop. Cruz Bay Landing had awesome fish tacos. Take time to see Coral Bay. Take a deep breathe, slow down, and realize you’re in paradise…not Malibu. You may or may not have cell phone service, and the electric may go out for a few minutes. Enjoy it…play a card game or get to know some locals.

  39. Get a jeep, ride around everywhere. Get a boat and explore beaches you cannot get to by car, try thr many great restaurants on island and just soak in the beauty!!

  40. YES YES YES, don’t miss the Tektite Museum at VIERS while visiting Little Lamesure. AND TOO, don’t miss the other worldly experience of snorkeling the mangroves of Hurricane Hole. This is the best snorkel I’ve ever had, among hundreds on St. John, and down island. Not to be missed!

  41. First day drive to the end on every road, stop at every overlook, take detours on side streets and roads to see whats out there. See as much as you can. For the rest of the time explore what you found most interesting and enjoy.

  42. Conch fritters at Vi’s. Snorkeling at the Indians and little lameshur, Cocktails at the beach bar. Explore and find the goats and donkeys. Soggy Dollar, And find the best sunsets in the world on that little wall on the west side. Relax.

  43. Buy sandwiches at Baked in the Sun. Take them to Gibney Beach or Hawksnest along with a thermos of rum punch. Perfect afternoon! Go out with Captain Hank in Pot Luck. Rent dinghy and ride north shores.

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