Wharfside Village is Getting a Makeover


For those of you lucky enough to be in Cruz Bay the last week or so, you may have noticed that a lot of work has been going on over at Wharfside Village.

Over the next several months, Wharfside is essentially going to get a head to toe makeover. Owner Joe DeCourcy is currently replacing all of the tiles in the walkway with new tiles, which is fantastic because those darn things are so slippery when it rains. He’s also replacing all of the windows and replacing the current siding with shiplap siding. Check out a few pics:




Because of the work being done, there is less available parking in town. Slim’s is closed for the month of October, and the new lot behind the old First Bank is closed for the season, so parking is at a premium.

Want to know about all of the parking options in Cruz Bay? Click here to read a story we wrote earlier this year. 

11 thoughts on “Wharfside Village is Getting a Makeover”

    • The previous owner is the one who put that terrible tile in. After many injuries, he replaced the center walking path with a less slippery tile, but left the super dangerous (indoor) tile along the edges and in places where the tile was mostly covered. It was a total nightmare. The complex was neglected for years, and it’s good that it’s getting an overhaul, but the timing could have been better.

  1. took me 5 yrs of living on the island, but the 5th year I broke down and bought a scooter instead of a car. Best decision ever. Never had to worry about parking again:) pull right up to any place I had to go into.

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