Welcome to the NFL


Source: Water and Power Authority

The first time a rookie quarterback gets sacked, it's not unheard of for the 300-pound lineman who ran over him to say, "Welcome to the NFL."  

No question, it's hardball.

So, the Inquiring Iguana smiled this morning when he looked at the latest posting on P-600 Moving to St. John, a blog chronicling the adventure of a couple and their seven-year-old son who have just arrived on islands to start a new life. Until this trip to the islands, it had been all vacation time.  Now' it's more serious.

"My husband has been stressing out," P-600 writes, "looking for our WAPA bill."  Nothing in the mailbox, day after day.

The cost for lectricity on the island is high, maybe 45-cents a killowatt hour. (Take a look at your own bill and imagine what it would be on the island.) P-600 wonders no more.

For some reason WAPA lost the mailing address, so the P-600's found WAPA's office at the Marketplace and got the bill themselves.

"The grand total … $608. YIKES!"

"We do use the AC at night and shut it off first thing in the morning," she said. "We keep it at 81 degrees (at night). The house is usually 89 during the day."

Welcome to St. John.

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  1. hmmm, was that for a whole month?? We had one this year here in Ohio for a little over $450, so that doesn’t seem so outrageous to me! It was blistering hot here this summer!

  2. On St John, WAPA uses diesel fuel, antique generators and the transmission losses are high. The net result is $.45/KwHr, triple the rate of the mainland. That $608 bill would be $202 in the northeast and under $100 in NC. Don’t be surprised if WAPA raises the rate to $.65/KwHr as diesel fuel prices rise.

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