Wednesday 12:10 p.m.

The winds are really picking up. They’re also starting to swirl. We’ve been able to go outside most of the day due to the wind direction. We are now all inside hunkered down.

We hear the storm has shifted and that St. John will now get a direct hit. We can see that trees have already fallen, and the roof has come off one of our favorite restaurants.

I will continue to update as long as I can. To be honest, I am stunned that I still have internet.

This island will likely see mass destruction. That is difficult to write, but it is real. But we will rebuild. We will come back. We will be strong. We will show you the best of humanity.

So what do we need from you? We need to you to come back. We need your love. We need your support. We need you now more than ever.

As I have said several times, thank you. I appreciate each and everyone of you. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for loving this website. And most importantly, thank you for loving St. John.

247 thoughts on “Wednesday 12:10 p.m.”

    • Thoughts and Prayers to all in STJOHN. We will return. This is our Happy Place. Please post how we can help from Chicago!
      Tammy and Tony Navigato

    • We have been coming to St John every year for the past 7 years. We have met some most of the most amazing people on the island. Many incredible musicians. We are hopeful to visit in May. Know that our thoughts and prayers are with you.

      -Your Vermont Friends

      • My name is Gloria Rennock, I have friends who live on the island of St. John for the past 20 years. They live at 12113 Estate Hansen Bay, St. John. I can not get in touch with her. Her name is Jean Cottrell and her husband Steven Cottrell.

        The are in their late 60s and i am sure that they stayed in their home. How can I find out information about people. I have been trying for days with no luck. If you know anything that would assist me, please help me if you can.

        Thank you!
        Gloria Rennock

    • I can’t keep my eyes off of the Internet and the weather station My favorite playground is getting pounded makes me sick My brother lives in Florida looks like he will be evacuating and headed north I too am sending heartfelt prayers and hugs to all of you ❤️ Bea from Crawfordsville Ind

  1. Please stay indoors at this point. Flying Debris etc. can be very dangerous. Hopefully in a few more hours you are done with this!!

    What restaurant roof came off?

    I am booked for May and I hope to meet you when I book an Island Tour

  2. We have a 6 day stay booked in october… we are coming regardless of what happens and are happy to change it from beachside relaxing to rolling up our sleeves and helping u all rebuild. We are staying with friends who live in lower Pastory. They happen to be home in Cincinnati right now visiting family and are so torn over all of this. All our love from Northern Ky/Cincinnati!!!

  3. To everyone on STJ Please stay safe. We all are praying for your safety first and foremost ! We love this island and the people that live there ….

  4. Praying for you and all those in the path of Irma. Stay safe. Wish we could do more for you in the immediate but we won’t abandon Saint John in the aftermath. Our visits have done more for us than anyone has a right to gain from a vacation. We don’t forget what we owe to all of you on the island for keeping it the transformative place that it is.

  5. Please be as safe as you can. Many thoughts and prayers for all those effected by this storm looking forward to my next visit Be safe.

  6. I have been coming to the island for at least 20 years…Irma will not keep me away! My heart is with all of you…be safe.

  7. Thank you for keeping us informed. Please stay safe and we will see you next year!! St John has given so much and we will give back all we can! Stay safe! Praying for you all!

  8. Ever since my family booked a villa rental for two weeks next Feb I have been following this wonderful site, along with TripAdvisor forum. So I’m getting familiar with events, things to do, etc, and am very excited. Now this! We are all praying hard for your safety, and will donate as soon as the posting goes up.

  9. Hang in there and stay positive. You will make it through and St. John will survive and thrive again. My husband and I come to St. John every winter for a precious week and this February will be no exception. Thinking of all my favorite spots and people and praying for you all.

  10. Sending so much prayers & love to St. John. It is my favorite place on earth and I am so sad to hear this, my heart is breaking for you all. I am looking forward to my return to the island within the next year and I am sure you will be better than ever.

    Stay strong St. John & be safe <3

  11. We know you will be back and stronger than ever. St. Johns is our favorite and we keep returning as we will in June
    Stay Strong Texas is with you.
    God Bless and Stay Safe

  12. My husband & I have been coming down for a long time – we can only get there about every five years and we were just there two years ago – as it stands now we will make it most likely for our 60th birthdays in a few years – so that’s our plan – you can bet we will be back and support our favorite places on the island – we love St John – love to take a day trip to Jost as well – so we are praying for you all and keeping you in our prayers! Wish we could do more! Promise to keep tabs on everyone & the businesses and do what we can to support everyone – doing some Christmas shopping online too! God bless!

  13. You can count on us to come back! Please let us know how we can help. Giving funds directly is preferable than giving to large charitable organizations.

  14. Been glued to the radar all day. The eye finally started shifting north, but that might not save you from the brunt of the southern eye wall even if it shifts enough for you to not get a direct hit. Virgin Gorda is in the eye, and Tortola is getting the wall right now.

    Will be following and thinking of you all day. Thanks for keeping us posted with your updates. We will be back no matter what!

  15. Prayers to St. John! This makes me so sad – my whole family loves the island. My brother had his rehearsal dinner at the beach bar and I brought my boyfriend back last year. We will be back no matter what! Stay safe!

  16. My heart hurts for St John. It is My happy place and so many others as well. Our love and prayers are with everyone still on island and for the island animals as well. We know that St John is strong, we all can help make it the place we love and dream about again. God bless! Sending Hugs and Prayers!

  17. We love you St. John! I will try come to help this fall if needed, if not we will be back for our 8th (or 9th?) visit soon! As noted above, we all owe you so much for helping to make St. John the special place that it is! Be safe, be strong, we are with you in spirit!

  18. Will be there in one month to the day.. will spend the time doing what I have to in order to help out.. you are not alone. Stay safe

  19. We will be back and we will continue to love and support our home away from home St John. Thank you for the updates. Stay safe!!

  20. Blessed to have Called home for 11 years and as land owners we are praying for our Westin St John family and our friends on St John and St Thomas as well as all the islands.

  21. My heart is there with you all. Please stay safe. Buildings can be rebuilt. The sun will shine again and we will be back as soon as we can. Love You All, Love St. John.

  22. My heart is hurting right now! STJ and all of our friends there have been and will be in our thoughts and prayers. We will be there in November regardless and will certainly be willing to do our part however we can. For now, we send love and hugs!

  23. I am sending prayers and so much love to my favorite little island. My husband and I visited on our honeymoon in May of this year and fell head over heels for your beautiful little island, your stunning beaches, mouth watering food, and most importantly your amazing community. We will be back! And we will help in anyway that we can to help your community rebuild and become stronger than ever. May I ask what restaurant? LOTS OF LOVE from San Francisco.

  24. Virgin Gorda looks to be in the eye according to satellite image at 12:38pm. Tortola taking a massive hit now. STJ looks to be south of eye wall.Next several hours look to be particularly rough. Hang tough!

  25. Many prayers from your Texas friends! We will be back, St. John is our home away from home. So many friends that have become our second family ❤️

  26. So sickened over this. My whole family loves St John so much – it’s my kids’ favorite place in the world, they never want to go anywhere else. Our love is with you, and we will be back no matter what! Wearing my St John-shaped pendant all this week and thinking of your safety. Thank you so much for your updates.

  27. Hi Jenn, I’m addicted to my Facebook page for the last couple of days, just to get your updates. I feel like I know you, but can’t wait to try and meet you when we come down in Feb. St. John feels like home for the last 10 years when we vacation on this beautiful Island. No where else I’d rather be. Thinking of all of you and sending lots of prayers for your safety. I tear up just thinking of what you are all going through. Love you all and praying for the best. Lots of love sent❤️ Barb from Wisconsin.

  28. It is amazing to read that there are so many people who feel as I do about St. John. The island and its residents hold such a special place in my heart. I have visited 7 times over the last 4 years. Each time I arrive, I feel like I am “home”. My husband and I will be back…maybe with a hammer in hand. Please stay safe and know that we are keeping you and your St. John family close in mind and heart. Can’t wait until we hear the storm has passed.

  29. We are thinking of all of you on St. John, watching every update from Minnesota. Stay safe. We will be mobilizing whatever help we can when the wind settles. Lots of people here loving on St. John today.

  30. Hang in there! Praying for everyone’s safety from the devastation of Irma. St John is my happy place and we go almost every year. Love the place and the people. Be safe!!!!

  31. Praying and thinking of you all there from the Seattle area. Please stay safe. Thank you for the updates during this difficult time. Hugs to you all. Let us know how we can help when it’s time.

  32. Watching every web cam from up here in MN and keeping in touch with friends that live on STT. God bless you all. So many people are rooting for you and the Islands. We will always come back, no matter what.

  33. My husband and I visited St. John for the first time this April. We fell in love with the island and purchased a second week at the Westin resort. Everyone was friendly, outgoing and clearly loved living life on the island. We are keeping you and your friends, family and colleagues in our thoughts and prayers. Can’t wait to see everyone on the island again soon!

  34. Praying!!! My husband and I have long planned our 10 year anniversary there next year.. never once have I thought about changing plans!!! Will be there in a heartbeat to support the rebuilding of such a beautiful place! Stay safe. Hugs from stateside!

  35. Just stay safe and about the storm surge. Nothing else matters – everything else can be rebuilt and it will! Prayers and love to you all.

  36. Love for Love City will never stop! Please know that my partner Becky and I WILL be back–next May. Stay strong and stay safe!!!!

    The Bs in Dallas, TX

  37. My heart is hurting for St John & it’s residents. I have many friends on the island after vacationing at Gallows Point for 20 years. I’m praying for everyone’s safety ❤

  38. I spoke to many of my friends yesterday to give my love, prayers to get through this. To those I didn’t or may not personally know, believe I am sending all good thoughts and karma. We in Florida are doing our preparations now. May you all be safe.

  39. We hope you are safe. You asked us to come back and we already have plans to. Please let us what you need. We have already contact the Animal Care Center to offer help too.

  40. I’m glued to the TV watching as the eye moves over…thoughts are with all of you, we love you and will be back to visit soon!! We will all rebuild together!

  41. We love STJ since our first trip on our honeymoon 26 years ago. We now bring our kids and they love it too! We have a trip booked and if we can’t come that week, we will come another!

  42. We’ll be the first to buy drinks when we come down. It may be sooner than we think…hold fast Jenn, there are a lot of people out here holding all of you in our thoughts.

  43. My favorite place! I have been glued to my computer, and praying everyone will be safe.
    Plan to return in July, 2018.
    Keep the faith!

  44. Our hearts are with you and all the people of St. John. Praying that all will be safe from the storm. Sending positive energy.

  45. Wow, please everyone stay safe. We love St.john and plan to return for 2weeks in February as normal. We understand this hurricane will change quite a bit on the island. Stay safe and know that we will continue to support you as best we can. Lots of positive thoughts and prayers for everyone, for all the historic sites, the beautiful bays, the villas and homes, the animals that roam freely. Peace to all.

  46. We will be back as soon as they let us in!!!! 14 years of living this island and many more to come! Keeping you all in our prayers, thank you for the updates. Stay safe!

  47. I’ve been wondering how the critters at ACC are doing. Did they all get a foster home to ride out the storm or are they still at the kennel? Either way, I hope they’re all doing ok. I too have been watching the webcams but so many are sporadic at best. Sending prayers to all the folks on islsnd. You will NOT be abandoned. So many are ready and willing to help. Love you all!♡

    • And Jen, we really appreciate all of the island updates you post, but especially the most recent ones as we worry about you and all of your fellow islanders.

  48. Watching all morning with tears in my eyes. Prayers are going up from Seattle – we will help and be back. My little son is praying right now for the animals and all of the people on St. John. Sending our love. Holding you in our heart.

  49. It wobbled due west after St. Martin and headed right at St. John for a few hours, but then wobbled NW for the past three hours or so. Right between The Settlement and Tortola now. Went right over Virgin Gorda. A shift of 10-15 miles can make a big difference, hopefully that is the case for St. John and the damage will not prove to be completely devastating as it was in St. Martin, St. Barth, Anguilla, and likely BVI. Lots of folks are going to need lots of help!

    • All of the St. John webcams seem to be down or showing old loops. The only one I can still see is actually from St. Croix. http://www.gotostcroix.com/live/

      If it is still a live loop then John’s update on the NW shift would be right. Because it not as dark anymore in St. Croix.

      I love you St. John’s. LOVECITY IS STRONG

  50. Much love and prayers from Nebraska!
    St. John – you all have a huge part of my heart, as well as my family’s.
    We will see you all next June.

  51. We’re returning for the second time this year during the third week of October. We’re already wondering how we can help while we’re there. I would love to see info relating to helping with the cleanup/rebuild once it’s available!

  52. My thoughts and prayers are with you and all of the island’s residents, 2 and 4 legged 😉 Hang in there, be safe and know that we are all here waiting for you all to come out on the other side with your health!!!

  53. “Today, President Donald J. Trump declared that an emergency exists in the territory of the U.S. Virgin Islands and ordered Federal assistance to supplement the response efforts of the territory due to the emergency conditions resulting from Hurricane Irma beginning on September 5, 2017, and continuing.”

  54. Best wishes from the mainland to all who know STJ as their home and place of work. My wife’s family has been traveling to the island for well over 30 years and I am fortunate to have been welcomed into their relationship with it. We are thinking about you all and commit to helping the island recover and thrive. We wish you all health and safety through this remarkable storm.

  55. We love you Jen and love all those people and animals on that beautiful island- we’ll be back and it WILL be better than ever!

  56. From the Government House – US Virgin Islands

    Residents are urged to shelter in place, which is to seek the most secure spot in your home and remain there. Emergency responders have been directed to seek shelter.

    The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority have shut off power in the St. Thomas/ St. John District for safety.
    Nevertheless, all residents are advised to avoid fallen power lines, loose debris, flooded areas and seek inside shelter inside strong buildings. Curfew is still in effect until 6:00 p.m. Thursday, September 7, 2017 unless modified.

    FEMA and other federal agencies are providing assistance at every level of emergency response.

  57. Be safe! Sending tons of love and prayers! We have been vacationing on STJ for over 30 years. You could not keep us away if you tried!❤️

  58. Thank you so much for the updates. I am feeling so sad and helpless, all I can offer now are prayers. But come the end of October (God willing) I will be there doing whatever I can!

  59. Please stay safe and keep the updates coming. We are a Fish Bay family but are off island now. All of us thinking about our island family and generally freaking the f out. Sending much love.

  60. From Minnesota our thoughts and prayers are for St John and everyone there during this incredible storm. We are closely following the news and hope for the best! We will be back, no matter what! Take care- Be safe.

  61. Thinking of you and St. John. Sending prayers and thoughts. I’ll be there in December, and plan to spend a lot of money to help rebuild. Hugs from San Francisco…

  62. Sitting in CT with anxious concerns for all on St. John, especially my son who lives there. Stay hunkered down and keep safe everyone. Many heartfelt thoughts are sent to you.

  63. STJ and everyone there is in our thoughts, prayers, and dreams. We’ll see you in January and sooner if needed. Thank you for keeping us posted on the place we love.

  64. Tears! I think I was in denial! My heart is breaking . Praying for all of you on island, please stay safe! We would never not come back to St. John, it is and always will be our “second home” not exactly sure when, but soon xoxo

  65. Praying for STJ and all her inhabitants. My heart is breaking thinking of the destruction. Will be looking for ways to help when the storm is over.

  66. St. John and everyone there is in our thoughts, prayers, and dreams. Thank you for keeping us posted on the place we love. Making plans now for our next trip back to paradise. Stay safe.

  67. Prayers for your Safety, your Properties, for Resources to ReBuild and Renew, and Resilience – We will be there with you in thought & prayers until we can be there in person.

  68. We have been lovers of St John and its people for 30 years and own a house in Coral Bay. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Just like after Marilyn St John will survive and come back. Take care everyone

  69. STJ and all the islands of the northern Carib are in our thoughts. Our very best vibes are going out to everyone hunkered down. Stay safe!

  70. Well, Jenn, you gotta love the love, no matter how windy it gets. Hang on tight! The eye moved over St. Thomas about an hour ago. Still Cat 5, still a mess. When it gets further West, the northers stop and serious westerlies will start. Just be safe.

    Good to see all the people worrying about St. John and you. Love the love.
    (The REAL Kevin, not the pumped up boat jockey . . . well, not paid anyway).

  71. We will be there in a couple of weeks. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help, and if there is anything we can bring. We love all of our peeps on St.John, and praying hard.

  72. All of the St. John webcams seem to be down or showing old loops. The only one I can still see is actually from St. Croix. http://www.gotostcroix.com/live/

    If it is still a live loop then John’s post update (September 6, 2017 at 1:33 pm) on the NW shift would be right. Because it not as dark anymore in St. Croix.

    I love you St. John’s. LOVECITY IS STRONG

  73. Hope all who weathered the storm on their boats in hurricane hole are fairing well. We have visited the last few summers and will again as the island is one of our favorite destinations. We are pulling for the Island and all the residents there to come out of this with little damage but it looks ugly on the satellite images of the storm! Be safe.

  74. Wishing the best for you and everyone on STJ and surrounding islands! I’m already scheduled to come over Thanksgiving break with the American Hiking Society to work at the park at Cinnamon Bay, cleaning up for high season. I don’t think this will change our plans. Hoping more will join us! I’ll be there either way!

  75. I have tears in my eyes reading posts from others with a heavy heart like mine worried about our friends on St John. It is truly a special place with special people and we will also be back. We have been coming for 25 years and feel like it’s our home away from home.

  76. We will always come back to St. John! No way to keep me away. We have a December trip planned and will be there to help in any way we can! Please be safe.

  77. Feeling so helpless and sad up here in Boston.

    Will do whatever is needed to help St. John and its residents recover.

    We have a home – Unicorn – in Fish Bay which we are worried about, but more concerned about the effect on the beauty and natural environment of this amazing and stunning island.

    Discovered St. John over 30 years ago and have been coming back ever since and that will never end. Our hearts belong to St. John.

    Hang in there. We will all help to return St. John to its glory and yes we will share a painkiller or two in the process.

  78. When we come in November we will look to help in any way we can. We feel such an attachment to the island and it’s people!

  79. Pam and I try to get down there every 4 to 6 months…we are coming down over Christmas for the first time to hang with our best bud Kenny at the QMP. I can get down for a couple of days and make it a long weekend if y’all need help with the cleanup! We will make sure STJ bounces back just fine! Love y’all and stay safe, we’re praying for ya!!

  80. Glad to hear that you’re hunkered down and are being safe. I love the island because of the people and their warm and kind spirit. The people on STJ are strong and tough….undoubtedly friends will be helping friends. Hang on just a little while longer and the worst of the storm will be out of there.

  81. Stay safe and our prayers go out to all of the islanders. If tourism is allowed we’ll be staying in St. John on the 19th.

  82. We are keeping everyone in our favorite place St John and St Thomas in our thoughts and prayers. We will be back back in February. Stay strong, stay safe!

  83. Quick Update:

    For those not following NewsofStJohn on Facebook, Jen was able to post an update via a text to her father. Here it is:

    Papa News here
    I just got this from Jenn
    512pm – we’re all ok!!!!
    St. John is a changed place. But we will rebuild. We will be back.
    Trees down everywhere. Roofs blown off in places. Waves look huge and surge is high. Power lines down. But somehow I can get texts out.
    We’re all going to be ok. Thanks for the love.
    -Jenn xoxo

  84. Thank God!!! We will be down on the East End, November 2-14. If we can go, we’ll do what ever is needed. HOLY COW.
    Dave & Jenny

  85. Praying for all – Coming back to St John – planned on Dec 9th, but if there are needs after this storm passes – know that you have friends that will help. Sending LOVE -So much ❤️

  86. praying for you all. We are booked to come back for 11 days in February. Please post if there are any relief fundraisers that we can donate to. My husband and I have fallen in love with this little island. You are truly special loving people. please keep us posted of how we can help in any way. hugs and lots of love. We stay at the Garden by the Sea and I am praying that Miss Eileen the artist and her sweet studio are ok.

  87. My Sister called Cinnamon Bay her home for years. We now visit routinely and it has become our family place. We are praying for everyone and will be back regardless. ❤❤

  88. We fell in love with the island and the people of St John and our hearts are with you all. We just spent two wonderful weeks there with our family, visit regularly and will be back in six months no matter what. Keep us all posted on how we can help. Lots of love from Ohio xo

  89. St John is our favorite place in the entire world… friends there are like family to us.. heart is aching for all of you.. stay strong and know that with faith and strength you will pull through and rebuild and I would happily be there to help

  90. Hey Jenn, We’re all out here holding our breath, waiting for news. I posted this prayer/poem on facebook. You may want to post it. It’s long, but people responding gratefully for it. Thinking of Peace Hill….looks like we’ll have a lot to do. Trying to get back.Continuing with our prayer circle and facebook posts and webcasts I’ve tried to send from Silent Unity….
    In this moment as the eye of Hurricane Irma pounds our little beloved islands, let’s all take a moment, take a deep breath, close your eyes and
    Picture in your mind/focus on what you love about St. John.
    It may be a beach or particular people…..but see this clearly in your imagination (try not to judge the experience. just breathe)
    Release any fear you’re holding and let it shift into protection for those we love, Let go of any tightness you feel in your body (take a deeper breath here)
    See all people, all animals of St. John, St. Thomas and the BVI, We pray they know what is theirs to do to protect or save themselves from the ravages of the storm. Keep their minds clear and able to make the right decisions without panic
    In their shelter or in an emergency space, we see them safe,
    and that they know there are millions of people at this moment holding them in love and prayers
    If they’re in danger, if their shelter is damaged or destroyed, may they have the presence of mind to protect themselves with whatever is available: a mattress, a part of a house even a rock or a retaining wall that may protect them as much as possible
    If they’re wet or terrified, may they remember this WILL end
    If they have a religious or spiritual faith, may they draw on that power now and feel safe and warmed, even with crashing and howling around them
    May they quiet their racing thoughts and know peace of mind, even for a moment and focus on survival
    May we ALL remember our connection to each other, our Oneness, and know that living through this storm is all that matters. And islanders ARE survivors, tough and resourceful
    May they release any thoughts of being a victim or anger and may they be soothed and know if their heart they are valued
    May the feeling of being overwhelmed dissipate into a moment of “one step at a time” thinking, knowing what that step needs to be
    May the pounding of their hearts slow to a rhythm of courage and strength and knowing they have what it takes to get through this
    May they put their hands in ours and be transported into stillness and be renewed and restored, knowing they are not alone and that WE STAND WITH THEM
    And they we go beyond this moment of horror and move gently into the night and the dawn of a new day, that the wind will subside, their tears will dry, their hearts will open again and that we, the off island friends and family who hold them so dear, will be there for them when they emerge from this day
    And that somehow we’ll together figure it out, we’ll know what to do, that our love is stronger than any storm, our determination is more powerful than any wind and we’ll pull together and come out on the other side of this, maybe scarred or traumatized, maybe homeless or with just our lives, but we’ll do it with grace and pride and tenacity
    “I release all fear and stand in my power, knowing I have the strength to meet what I must meet and do what I must do”.
    And so it is. Amen

  91. There is nowhere on earth as beautiful as St. John. Nothing and no one, especially Irma, can take that away. Hang tough and stay safe everyone. Thoughts and prayers are with everyone.

  92. Prayers for you all and our favorite spot on earth, St. John. We come every April and we are booked to come this April. I’m so upset and worried for each of you and friends on st Thomas and the bvi. Let us know how we can help after the storm! We live on the gulf coast and understand! ❤️

  93. Prayers are being sent from the MidwestSt John is our favorite for years now and we’ve made many friends while visiting the Best Island in the Caribbean ❤️ We will always come back!!!! Blessings to you all!!!

  94. We are praying for everyone on St John. We love you! We love the island!
    Stay safe and thank you for keeping us up to date. Please let us know what we can
    do for you all. Ready to help…all the way from Massachusetts !

  95. Slated for the Westin on the 30th…..been coming for years…..will still come if island is ready….if not we don’t want to put any undue stress on you guys.Ready to help clean up too.We are in Wilmington NC and know all about hurricanes and in fact are bracing for Irma here next week.

      • We are also planning to come for the first two weeks in December to the Westin. We also will spend vacation helping in whatever way we can. I’m just waiting to hear if the Westin is still there? Love and hugs to all my brothers and sisters in the Caribbean.


    • Word is that Coral Bay and the east end have suffered horrific destruction. The rest of the island (including the Westin) have suffered significant damage, too. Not sure how long it will be before the Westin reopens.

  96. Does anyone have a link to local news sites? I swear the US news has mentioned every island except Saint John… Any sites with new updates?

  97. Hope all are safe and sound! Shout out to evetyone at Grande Bay, too! St. John is our favorite place in the world and we’ll be back next June….boy that seems so far away when I type it out loud. It will still be beautiful no matter what.

  98. To everyone on St. John-Prayers and Love to all of you! Stay strong friends…our favorite place to celebrate life…..we are praying hard for all of you!

  99. Thoughts and Prayers to everyone on St. John from our family here in Columbus Ohio. we pray that everyone is safe and well. While we may not be on island now, we carry the love for St. John and it’s people in our hearts always. It is heartbreaking to hear of the devastation Please keep us posted on how we can help rebuild this beautiful island.

  100. We are glued to fb and the weather channel with hopes that you will weather this storm. Please post as often as you can so we know you’re all ok. If you know Bob Shinners, or Mary Phyllis and Ron Nogueira, please give them our love.

  101. Please keep us posted about St. John. Family is there. If you know Rich Johnson and Marilyn Griffin in Andante on Choc Hole/Hart Bay, send them love from their family. We are thinking of everyone on the island!

  102. Praying for all on St.John!! For safety and strength during Erma’s havoc on your precious island! Stj is our favorite spot to enjoy amazing beauty and truly relax. We’re scheduled for first week in Nov. We have received so much in our many visits! May God give you His strength and blessing as you face these next hours, days, weeks and months! My heart is there!

  103. We have been sick all day thinking about what you are going through! We love St John and the BVI’s and would love to find out how we could help or when we could help with clean up. Please let me know who to contact. Our thoughts and prayers are with you! ❤️

  104. Today is the beginning of a new day. We hope everyone was safe. You will be able to rebuild. I have a sister on Water Island so I know there is no communication at this point. Any update would be wonderful. There is no coverage on the US Virgin Islands on any of the news channels so we have no idea of the loss on these islands. Desperate for any news. Take care and be safe as you start to come out your homes today.

  105. Our son manages the ACC. He called last night. minimal water damage in the apartment but the winds were an issue. Blew the windows out of the work truck and sent his washer/dryer into the wind. They keep them on a covered side porch, bolted to the concrete. Bolts popped and the machines went into the surrounding woods. He had not made it to the shelter yet to see about the animals and he is concerned. Biggest issue now is power. Island is without power and the way things move down there it could take a long while to repair.

    • Thanks for the report Denny. I am concerned about the ACC and all the island animals. So, if he called, I assume comms were still up??

      • He called last night at 11PM – have not heard since but I will forward whatever we here. He was afraid the roof might have blown off the shelter – yikes!

        • Denny-thanks. I hope that didn’t happen. From what I am seeing and reading about St Thomas, I am very worried. When your son comes back online, please ask how we can help.

  106. My niece, Jenn Frisch is a resident on St. John. I don’t know when I will hear from her. Hope she and everyone she loves on St. John are doing well. Tell her if anyone knows her that I’m sending me love and will try to get some help to her & Swanney, & Boom when I can. “Best to all on God’s Little Acre”

      • Glad to hear that there is some contact with St. John and your cousins are ok. I have tried to reach Cruz Bay, Coral Bay, St Thomas and a friend on Tortola and no response yet. phones service is always random but I am greatful for all of you and this site. our family has been coming to the beautiful Islands for years and it has felt like home since the first step on the island. my heart is heavy with concern and yet full of hope and love.

  107. Having visited St. John over the years, in particular Maho Bay (campground) and Ram’s Head I am very worried about everyone on the island and hope to hear an update soon of good news. Also my thoughts are with everyone on Jost Van Dyke, Tortola and all the USVI/BVI islands.

  108. my sister’s house sits on the hill right up from JESS and her roof is gone. my mothers house is right down the street from it, I am praying that roof isn’t gone too. so worried about my grandma in chocolate hole. anyone hear anything?

  109. Heartsick over all of this! Praying everyone is safe!
    Yes, you will rebuild & be stronger for it!
    We’ll be back in May, if we can!

  110. I am hoping everyone is safe and can get in touch with their loved ones soon!

    My mother, Beverly, teaches anti-gravity yoga at the Gifft Hill School. I haven’t heard from her yet. If anyone has any information, please let me know!

  111. This is a long shot, but worth a try. I’m looking for any news of Kathy DePree and her husband Jon Jones. Kathy’s law office is in downtown Cruz Bay, and Kathy and Jon live in the general area of Chocolate Hole, but inland a bit. With phone service down, there’s been no contact for about 36 hours. If anyone has any news, please send to me, Kathy’s brother Joe, at [email protected]. Many thanks. Praying for all on STJ and STT.

  112. ok. my other sister in Orlando just sent me a crap load of pictures. im not completely sure where she got them from on facebook. but at least you look for your loved ones home or business to see if it has been damaged. there are a lot of pictures on there.

  113. Very worried for all. I pray they get the power on soon so everyone can get to work. Planned to visit our family home in coral bay just after thanksgiving. It will be my 45th bday. If I can get in, plan to go even if it is a working vacation to help the recovery. If anyone can attach a link with the photos, would like to see the status. Nothing on the webcams. We are just praying and waiting. I hope the hospital was protected. Peace and God’s Love to all of you

  114. I love Caneel Bay Resort and have been there three times since 1963. I am planning to return in 2018 for our 50th wedding anniversary with my wife, children and grandchildren. Irma was not invited. I send my best to the staff at the resort including Nikolay Hotze and Patrick Howe. I am hoping all are safe and without harm. God bless all who are living in beautiful St John.

  115. i like everyone, has been on island tons are we’re headed down there early december…i’ve been searching everywhere and called a few places down there as well ( no answers )…it would be great for photos and info! hope those on island now got through it okay 😉 !!

  116. So very much love to Love City! ♥️

    Please keep up hope. You are loved. Please keep up hope. You are loved.
    Please keep up hope. You are loved.

  117. Just found this on trip advisor
    From a satellite phone in coral bay
    95% of the boats in hurricane hole destroyed, stacked upon one another in the hillsides in splinters
    Routes 10&20 impassible w debris.
    Some hillsides look stripped of vegetation

    So many fond memories hanging out in sea grape admiiring sunrise over the east end. Hiking , beaching ,exploring and looking for the best Painkilla
    Stay STRONG in The Republic of Coral Bay !!

  118. We’re with you STJ! The 340 will live on. Craving pictures and info – gallows? Esterne? Caneel? Shame on mainland and mainstream media for forgetting – all we saw were coverage of gas station lines in FL and pics of Baruda….

  119. We haven’t forgotten about you up here! We just have gotten practically no info about what’s going on. Stay safe and keep your heads up – those of us who have visited and love St. John will help you rebuild. You can count on us.

  120. We visited 20 years ago. I still think of St John almost everyday. Best spot in the Caribbean! Praying for everyone’s safety. Hang tough!

  121. Please, could anyone tell me if you know of anything in Hansen Bay. I have friends who live on east end. Jean and Steven Cottrell. I know that they would not have left their home. They lived almost at the end of the island of St. John.

    Can’t reach them and have not hear anything from them. Do you know how things faired out there. Please help with any information.


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