We got here

AirplaneLanded Monday afternoon, 5 minutes late, via Spirit’s all-new-looking, spiffy A-321 from Fort Lauderdale.   

84 degrees and clear 🙂

Leftovers from the northeast snow storm were slowing operations down a bit in Florida – LaGuardia in an air traffic control hold until 1pm, for instance – but Spirit handled us fine.

I gotta tell you, the operating people on Spirit – attendants, ticket agents, baggage handlers, pilots – were fine. They were victims, too, of the screwy events of Saturday.

But … the plane coming down from DC was an MD80-series aircraft. The same as we had Saturday, the equipment that the co-captain said wasn’t suitable for us.

Was there more baggage on board Saturday? Did the slight mist from the incoming storm change the flight rules for balancing of the airplane or runway requirements?

I don’t know. One day the MD80’s no good, two days later, it’s OK. Any pilots out there?

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  1. My wife and I few Spirit from DC to St. Thomas and back in January. I remember the pilot telling us that “soon” the MD-80’s would be replaced with the new A-320 series. Perhaps what happened on Frank’s Saturday flight is the booking software was set up for the new planes and the actual start date for the A-320s got pushed back. Just a guess… Anyway, we had a great experience with Spirit. On the way back, our flight was an hour late arriving on St. Thomas and because of computer problems was 2 hours late in taking off. Now that doesn’t sound so good, but with almost everyone on the plane faced with missing their connections in Ft. Lauderdale, a large cheer broke out when our pilot announced that all connecting flights in Florida would be held until our arrival. It probably wasn’t such a happy scene for the folks sitting on those planes awaiting us, but we took off for DC 15 minutes after we landed (45 minutes late for departure), and amazingly, our luggage made it to DC as well. It was a pretty sweet ending to a wonderful trip…

  2. Hi Frank,
    Does your website post notes to loved ones? My fiance’ is living out there now, getting life ready for me to move out there. His name is Greg Seerden. Probably won’t get out there to see him for a couple of months.
    ps my daughter and I miss him so much!!

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