We Told Ya The Whales Were Here…

whale 2017 pic 5

… and thanks to Steve Simonsen we have some amazing pics!

Steve went out whale watching earlier this week and captured these stunning photos of humpback whales off the south west side of St. Thomas.

The whales are here as part of an annual migration. In the past, they’ve been spotted January through March.

Please enjoy these photos taken by Steve Simonsen Photography:

2017 whale 1 2017 whale 2 2017 whale 3 2017 whale 4 2017 whale 6

5 thoughts on “We Told Ya The Whales Were Here…”

  1. Beautiful, regal and intelligent creatures. The first time I heard them sing, was while diving in Hawaii, I cried like a baby, it was so emotional and uplifting.

  2. I’m coming in a week. Any suggestions to a whale watching trip? I have never seen a whale and I would love to. Oh please let me know very soon! Thank you!

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