We Did It Again! We’re the Best!

trunk bay

I know I’ve said this before, but you know you’ve chosen to live in a great place when it constantly gets named “the best” this and “the best” that. And when your little slice of heaven graces the cover of a “best of” book, magazine or article – well it pretty much means you’ve hit the jackpot. Well we’ve done it again folks!

On Monday, Yahoo Travel released its Top 10 National Parks with the Best Beaches and we made the cut. Not only did we make the cut, but our very own Trunk Bay is the main photo. Here’s what Yahoo Travel had to say:

yahoo best beach pic

When you think of national park getaways, what comes to mind? Maybe your mind goes to epic hikes in Yosemite, paddling the coast of Acadia or camping out under the stars in Zion—but chances are you didn’t think of relaxing on a beach.

Most people don’t realize that many of our favorite national parks are home to pristine beaches. In fact, the 10 included on this list are just a small sampling of public lands with incredible waterfront property. We decided not to include the many picturesque national seashores and lakeshores in this list—and there are many throughout the country. We instead stuck to the national parks, which offer some unlikely gems and some classic beauties.

Whether it be oceanfront, lakefront, or riverside, these parks offer up some of the best beaches in the country. From Acadia in Maine to Virgin Islands National Park in the Caribbean, these are the wild and breathtaking beaches located within our national parks.

And here’s what they said about the Virgin Islands National Park:

Travelers looking for the tropical beach vibe will be blown away by the pristine beauty of Virgin Islands National Park. Set directly east of Puerto Rico, the park covers roughly 60 percent of the island of Saint John and almost all of Hassel Island. It’s renowned for its protected land, beaches, and waters — the SCUBA diving and hiking is hard to beat. Visit the iconic Trunk Bay beach and Honeymoon Beach to experience paradise first-hand.

Paradise. Well they sure got that right.

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  1. What about solving murders on St. John? Are we still the “best” in that arena? I’ve been to St. John many times and was a home owner on St. Thomas. The police need to be investigated for the shoddy job they do in preventing crime and apprehending criminals.

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