Wanted: Couple to Live on St. John

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Update: This position has been filled as of July 17, 2017.

How is this for a dream job?? VIERS – the Virgin islands Environmental Research Station – an eco camp located out near Lameshur bays, is looking for caretakers to look over its property this fall. Here are all of the details straight from its manager…

I am looking for a retirement-aged couple who would be interested in being a caretaker for VIERS during August and September. At least one individual in the couple needs to have basic maintenance skills (i.e., is comfortable fixing leaks, making small repairs, turning on a generator, etc), although a “handy” caretaker is strongly preferred. The idea would be that I would train the couple for a period of time and then leave VIERS in their hands during the month of September. September is dead season, so they would not have the responsibility of tending to guests. The main duties would include maintenance/upkeep projects and cleaning. Some tasks will be specific to the caretaker’s talents (for example, sewing curtains should one or both individuals know how).

If you are or know a couple who would love to live at a Caribbean field station in the National Park, less than a mile from multiple beaches and trails, HAS A STRONG WORK ETHIC and enjoys the kind of work this would require, please contact at (contact info removed after position filled). Calling is best. Thanks! -Whitney

Sounds pretty intriguing doesn’t it?

To learn more about VIERS, you can visit its website at www.viers.org

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  1. Retired couple we have built or rebuilt 10 homes excavation contractor for 20 years.
    Interested in the St Johns position. (Phone 1-207-607-0339) Maine

  2. Would my grandpa and I be eligible? We both have backgrounds of fixing things and I think this would be a perfect opportunity to spend time together. Let me know!

  3. Currently I am employed with the San Bernardino County Parks Department as a Park Ranger II, with 17 years experience. Job duties include:: Flora, Fauna and Tree maintenance, Irrigation, Restroom Maintenance, repairs of Domestic water lines up to 8″, Minor Eletrical repairs, Light and medium duty equipment operator.

  4. Email and phone contact info are above- if you are interested in the position, do not comment here…contact the parties by email or phone!

  5. My fiancé and I are over the road truck drivers And we are looking for someplace like this he Is very handy and I am a great cook and can sew.what a great way to spend our time off.we are both nature lovers

  6. I would think if people cannot follow the directions in the article, they probably cannot follow the directions for caretaking…

  7. While we are not available for August and September of this year, we would be interested in future opportunities. My husband can handle maintenance projects and is a retired telecommunications engineer. We both have experience taking care of property-house and yard.

  8. Aug and Sept can be an interesting time for STJ weather.
    Right After Hugo in 1989 I stopped there on a sailboat on my way to The BVI for fuel and met college students who were staying there at VIERS – they had no idea of the magnitude of the “rainstorm” they had seen but were happy to come aboard for some food,drink and a hot shower.

  9. I believe this posting has a few legal flaws…
    Why does it need to specify “retirement age”?
    40 somethings are not welcome to apply?
    Why does it need to be a “couple”?
    Two unmarried friends are not welcome to apply?
    While I understand the need for responsible adults, skills… I believe the wording of this post is illegal. There are no bonified reasons to specify the need for retirement aged couple.

    • it does indeed reek of discrimination. they would have been better to post the position and weed out what they don’t want…

  10. My husband and I will be perfect for the job. We lived on St John for 10 years. We lived just up the road from VIERS in Mandul. My husband is a great handy man and I’m a great sewer.

  11. hello-
    We both are in our early 60’s and retired. No commitments or respnsibility at this time. My daughter sent this email to me because she believed we were perfect for this opportunity. She has wonderful friends that have lived on the island for many years. Yes, We have very strong work ethics being from european immigrants and fortunately in very good health. Our passion is to protect our environment and love the land and sea and respect the beauty all around us.
    We will dream of such a golden experience. THanks

  12. Wow! What a fantastic opportunity! My husband and I are not working. Just relocated to North Bend, Or. And right now we’re living in our travel trailer until we decide what we are doing.
    We both love fishing, hunting, camping, building projects together. We were homeowners for 27 years, in the same house, and we are very handy. Replacing. ..rebuild…Plumbing, woodworking, hardworking and very good at figuring out things as a team and I sewing and patchwork , fences. Whatever you need! We also housesat for months at s time. …including duties. Thank you for the chance. …
    Martin and Tracy Tuohy

  13. Lord knows i need this job more than anyone else.i have done similar work off the north carolina coast. I am in the mid rast right now.but ready to travel to the virgin islands for august and september.you have so many canadates already.please consider me too.thanks.my cell#98-09113359726

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