Puppies on parade at Wagapalooza

Several hundred people and dozens of dogs are expected to turn out for the 12th annual Wagapalooza all-island pet show on Saturday.  This year the event will be hald at the VI National Park ball field, instead of the hot, noisy, dusty Sprauve School.

The annual fund raiser for the St. John Animal Care Center draws dogs of all shapes and sizes and, of course, many breeds – often in the same body because many parading around the show ring were Island and rescue dogs.

Many of the dogs in competition are flaunting their good looks and/or cute costumes.  A few always try to brazenkly influence the judges by licking their faces.

Elaine Estern, a devoted dog lover and world-class watercolor artist, was chosen to design the official t-shirt and she'll be selling them at the event.

Promotion for this year's Wagapalooza was nil, online … the Wagapalooza Web site's not been changed in a year, and there's no picture of the t-shirt. What the heck!  Send $25 to the Animal Care Center here, and they'll send you a shirt, and you'll know what Elaine's design is.

Wagapalooza starts at 5 p.m.

Bob Schlesinger of Tropical Focus Photography was on hand to chronicle last year's event and uploaded hundreds of pictures from the event. Click for Bob Schlesinger's portfolio of Wagapalooza, 2012.


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  1. Correction. I only painted the original art work for the tee shirt, then donated it to the ACC as a fund raiser. I will not be selling tee shirts,the ACC will. I painted dogs ( and a kitity) that are up for adoption at the shelter. You will recognize them at the event.

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