VP in the VI’s

ButtonVice President-elect Joe Biden and his wife, Jill, are in the Virgin islands for a five-day vacation, according to a spokesman for the Territory’s Governor. They are “Here for a couple of days of rest and relaxation." According to reports, they are staying on Water Island.

Decades ago, Caneel Bay was an r-and-r choice for some Democrats who ran in the national elections, and the Clinton family occasionally vacationed on St. Thomas during his Presidency..

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  1. In jumping from Biden’s current visit to those of the Clinton’s, you neglected to mention Obama’s vacation in St. Thomas in May of this year.

  2. Back in the mid-70s as a crewman I visited St John’s Cannel Bay on the 70-foot yawl Nordic owned then by the well-known yachtsman, Mr Dick Vernon. We pulled into a beach, dove off the the port side of the boat and swam ashore, thinking we’d enjoy the warm water and the white, inviting beach. We were immediately met, however, by the Secret Service fully armed with what I thought were Uzi submachine guns. We each of us stopped where we were still in the water. One man told us to leave and not return. He volunteered that this particular beach was government-owned and that the US President was visiting.
    Can anyone tell me what the name of that beach is? I seem vaguely to recall it as either Stewart or Scott Beach. Is that the correct name?

    Thank you,
    Mike Haynes

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