Virtual Vacation: Hawksnest

Hello everyone, and happy Thursday! We recognize that you cannot visit St. John for the time being, so we’re bringing the island to you! Today’s Virtual Vacation features one of my favorite spots on the island – Hawksnest.

Hawksnest is located on St. John’s north shore and is the closest beach to Cruz Bay that you can park at or taxi to. (Honeymoon and Solomon are closer to Cruz Bay, but you need to hike to those or take a golf cart ride through the former Caneel Bay resort. That ride costs $5 each way.) Hawksnest has a rather large parking area, and the beach is just a short stroll from the lot. Hawksnest has two pavilions that you can rent through the National Park. It also has several grills.

Now without further ado, here is today’s Virtual Vacation…

St. Johnopoly: It’s just like being on St. John… when you can’t be. 🙂

St. Johnopoly is just like the traditional Monopoly game, but it is completely customized for St. John. If you would like a bit of St. John to arrive at your doorstep, order yours at www.newsofstjohn.com/stjohnopoly

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14 thoughts on “Virtual Vacation: Hawksnest”

  1. A bit of heaven! Thank you! Love St. Johnopoly, it is a great game to keep you busy and keep your mind on the island and not the rest of the world!

  2. Thank you so much. I’ve been waiting for this, my favorite. The scene at 2:25 is shot very close to what I call my “place of calm”. Where I can breathe in, breathe out and let all the negative float away. When I can’t sleep at night this is the image I focus on. THANK YOU!

  3. These videos are what keeps me going…until I can be back there for real. Thank you so much !

    Sherry Philbeck aka Sherry in SC

  4. So beautiful! Thank you!
    Is there any chance you would be able to do a video from Cinnamon Bay? My husband and I love it there!
    Thanks again for bringing the island to us in Upstate NY!! It’s 43 degrees and rainy here today!!! Ugh!! LOL!

  5. Jenn, that made my day. Thinking of how the docs are now saying that sunshine and heat are great antidotes to the virus makes me wish twice as hard that I was sitting on that beach RIGHT NOW. Thank you for helping us all to dream that we will be back there sooner rather than later! Bless you,

  6. Could you do a golf cart ride around Caneel Bay resort one day. I would love to see how it looks today. I really miss Caneel.

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