Roundabout is looking good!


This what the new traffic roundabout in Cruz Bay looks like.

Nice pictures contributed by Anthony Finta of Virgin Islands On-Line.

The bottom line, the surprising! bottom line, is that the job's going to be done when promised, even ahead of schedule.  St. Thomas-based Island Roads Corporation has overseen the two-year long project.

No local will be surprised to hear that one of the holdups now is Innovative Communications, the telephone company. 

On an island where it's taken a year or more to get residential phone service, Island Roads is waiting for the utility to extend its wires and cables though underground piping.  When that happens, then the contractor can put do a final paving of the roundabout.


3 thoughts on “Roundabout is looking good!”

  1. As a frequent visitor to lovely St. John , I am delighted to see such progress on the new round a bout. What a nice addition to sweet town of Cruz Bay. It makes the town look so much neater and cared for with pride.
    It is time the owner of the trucking company finished their building or at least took the wired piling/columns off the building to further neaten up that area of town. For years, the rusty cables have reached to the sky ,making the area appear unkempt and derelict.
    There should be a city ordinance against such incomplete structures within city limits. Cant someone do something?

  2. As a resident of St. John I must say I have never noticed the cables you refer to. I am off island for a couple of weeks but will be sure to take notice when I return. It’s funny though, living in Pastory I pass through there daily and can’t picture them. St. Johnian blinders, I guess.

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