Unrest at the Westin

WestinA number of Westin Virgin Grand Villa owners are unhappy. And they're looking for other owners to join them in challenging management.

In a phone call to NewsofStJohn.com, one owner charged that some of the costs of adding dozens of new units to the project have been passed on to existing owners without their approval.

Gene Jaspan, in ad advertisement in the Tradewinds, said,"We are villa owners who want to prevent Starwood from making more costly changes without required owner consent."

"We also want to revise the by-laws, which give Starwood complete control of the Board of the owners’ association until the very last unit is sold. And we want to elect independent owner representatives to that Board."

However, he charged, Starwood will not give the dissidents the names of other owners so he can contact them to solicit their support. "If you are interested in obtaining more information or participating, please email … [email protected]."

6 thoughts on “Unrest at the Westin”

  1. Clarification…
    We are Villa owners at the Westin that are Timeshares (Vacation Intervals) through Starwood Vacation Ownership (SVO). They do have resale values – I bought both of my weeks on resale, and have the pleasure of vacationing in STJ for 2 weeks every year.
    This issue is about Starwood Control of our Home Owners Association, lack of transparency, and Maintenance Fees that have doubled in 5 years.
    – David

  2. These are the villas on the Hillside (Virgin Grand) – that consist of Buildings 31-34 (studios, 1Bd, and 2Bd), and Buildings 41-44 (3Bd).
    Please have any Hillside Owners that you know contact Gene to get on the Owners List.
    – David

  3. We own a total of 7 weeks at the Westin. It is amazing that they are still selling very overpriced newly renovated timeshares to people who go to the presentation to get the sand dollars.
    The value of the timeshares are approximately the same as when we first bought 10 years ago (that is IF you can sell at all).
    Bette Buffington

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