St. John strip club is hiring

Update: Wednesday 5 p.m. They say nothing disinfects like sunlight.  Within a few hours of this story being posted, the advertisement was withdrawn from Craigslist.  Coincidence or reaction to all the comments?  You be the judge.

So, you thiDancenk you can dance?

If so, this Craigslist ad's for you.

“We are currently looking for attractive exotic dancers between the ages of 18-30,
as well as ladies interested in becoming a dancer (no experience necessary).”

Applicants who are hired will be required to pay $50/night and work for at least three weeks.

The ad suggests the local gentlemen can be expected to be generous. “St. John is an island in the Caribbean Sea …  It is renowned as the wealthiest of the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

Dancers will stay at an island house. “You will have one roommate, or you may have you own room depending on occupancy,” the listing says. (That’s kind of a strange way of putting it.  You’ll have a roommate, or you won’t, depending on how many people are in your room.)

The ad indicates airfare to St. Thomas will be provided, but must be repaid if the dancer doesn't fulfill her three week commitment.

The strip club opened about a year ago, in the old Mixology Warehouse space, on the first floor of the Lumberyard.

Here's the ad.

24 thoughts on “St. John strip club is hiring”

  1. What? We just spent 2 weeks on St. John. (I have the mosquito bites to prove it!) We walked past the Lumberyard a number of times. Had we seen a sign or so, I would have suggested the wife apply!

  2. Sounds more like a house of Prostitution!!! Can’t believe that this is going to be allowed right in Cruz Bay. Watch the crime escalate. Nice welcoming wagon to new visitors!

  3. I think I remember it being a Kareoke Sushi restaurant once – so I guess you think you can sing?
    Really though – this is rough – there goes the secure feel to evenings on the island. I agree – crime and collateral activities will escalate – I” imagine girls of St. John gone wild” is next on the agenda.

  4. Let them do it……..I have been there many times and give them a thumbs up. There is no illegal activity at your high end strip clubs and no threat to the neighborhood………Let people work and let businesspeople make money……..Its the american way

  5. Seriously folks, I haven’t heard one word from any other locals regarding this place. My neighbor can best be described as a “perv” and to the best of my knowledge he hasn’t been there yet.
    At any rate, I don’t see it as being a threat to Cruz Bay or unfortunately for the owners much of a success.
    Whatever, we are still a pretty modest bunch, unless we’re out on my boat.

  6. First the gambling room where the pool tables used to be, and now this! I have nothing against high end strip clubs, (I live in New Orleans) and I have nothing against gambling, (love horse racing and Vegas occasionally). This said, St John is not the place for these type of activities. I can remember back in the mid to late eighties when a Burger King sprung up in Cruz Bay, and that didn’t even fit in, just like the Subway across from Woody’s. I have to believe that the vast majority of people who visit, and live there love St John for what it is (or was) and that is an original, low profile, slow paced and pristine island minus strip clubs, gambling, and fast food chains….bring back the St John of old and keep it as close to that as possible!

  7. this is an insult. this should not be allowed. it can destroy the beauty known as St. John, US Virgin Islands

  8. It makes me so sad – my sweet little island has succumb to this. I’m all for creating jobs, but not much good can come from this type!?!

  9. The ad’s already history. Too bad, the last line of the ad said something to the effect of “to learn more about St. John go to seestjohn.com. I had a few minutes of free advertising, but I’m not sure how good or how bad was the association with “exotic dancers.”

  10. Really makes me sad from every perspective. Not the environment & all it attracts I’d want to be around…usually what goes on “inside” eventually spills out into the streets/communities….’seedier’ side of life, higher crime area, etc. This is where it effects the rest of us.

  11. While I don’t think that strip clubs or casinos are great places, all of you visitors have to realize that St. John has residents that need to pay their bills all year, not just the one week that you vacation there. I lived on island for 10 years and if I had a dollar for every vacationer who asked me if I “really lived on St. John” when I was working in a restaurant there, I could have retired a rich woman. Yes, people really do live there and have to make ends meet. If those places can provide jobs for people, good for them. Even if they have to put a stateside ad on Craiglist at least they may bring in residents who will keep the economy going in the off season. Apparently there is enough business to keep these places open and no one is forcing you to patronize them. Stick to the beaches, trails, shops and restaurants and you won’t even notice that they exist.

  12. Live in the northeast , and have been going to St. John for 10 years..I love this diamond of the islands and am not happy for these new additions, re;casino and strip clubs..The island has much in growth w/ new eateries and condo’s popping up everywhere..so new jobs available as well..Lets face it, if this is ok and continues, we will just be anouther St. Thomas,,etc….NOT happy…Lor R

  13. Just so you all know, the club has been open for over a year, and the “gambling” has been going on for many years. There have been strip clubs opened and closed a number of times in the History of St John; see “Lovango Key”. Unless you read it here, you never knew about it. I bet many of you have been to st john while all this was going on and you never even knew it. I also bet that you would still not even know, unless you want to. JEEZE QUIT THE WHINING.

  14. Its very sad that St. John has turned so seedy. People should just spend less and stay on St. Thomas. Part of the reason that I always spent more on vacation was because I didn’t want to be around all the “crap”, and “city” mentality. My family could vacation in St. John and I didn’t have to worry about my kids getting home safe at night. Like i said, from now on either I’ll find another island or just stay on St. Thomas.

  15. ANN,
    oh yeah st thomas is better. please. Tell me where this fantasy island is. Tell me where you can find an island 2/3 national park. Tell me where you can find amazing beaches that are safe everywhere. Tell me where you can find great restaurants, no chains, no stoplights. Tell me where people say good morning to everyone. Tell me where the sun shines 350 days a year. Tell me where the snorkeling is amazing from tons of spots right off the beach and the views are stunning everyday from thousands of locations. Or actually, please just stay in St Thomas or better yet Disney world. Let the kids come home safe and sterile (well, not at Disney).

  16. Very interesting! To each there own! clubs like this have come and gone many times in the past. this kind of business has been going or forever in the history of man kind. the violence and crime do not come from the club but from the young kid hang in the street that are not allowed inside nor are willing to pay to be inside. where are the police that should be patrolling the street and keep these punks off the street? The club is a viable business that offers entertainment to those that are willing to pay for it. If they close down it will just be replaced with another one. It is a cultural thing and has its place if you don’t like it don’t go there. if your don’t like the crime on St. john talk to your police that should be parked out side the club patrolling the streets. Don’t blame it on a business because you don’t morally approve of it personally.

  17. Yes you are! So stop listening to people!
    They no nothing of you & your goals!
    Those who can throw the first stone must
    be without fault themselves!
    I know this is not possible ,)
    I’m not a dancer, but I know God loves
    all his children!
    I am a Christian that knows truth!

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