St. John campers get a parking perk

OK, gang.  What's the biggest issue in Cruz Bay and the beaches?

All together, now …. it's PARKING!

Well, the National Park Service has used some of that stimulus money or the Trunk Bay admission fees to provide 'reserved' parking spaces for folks staying at Cinnamon Bay.

The spots were set to be available late last month but, according to one source, signs designating them were just uncovered and visible.

Tropical Focus photographer Bob Schlesinger (www.vibeachwedding.com) sent this photo.

2 thoughts on “St. John campers get a parking perk”

  1. The simple answer is to avoid the National Park. The employees don’t care, they get paid every 2 weeks, with Thrift Savings Plan, no matter what. The less people, the less work. A $175 parking ticket and a likely tow for another $150 or so. Or at least $100 extortion to remove the boot. Makes a lot of sense. Nope, stay out of the NP. Simplest answer.

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