Cinnamon Bay museum closed temporarily

ArcheologyThe Archeology Lab/Museum at Cinnamon Bay is preparing for a facelift.

Bob Schlesinger of Tropical Focus Photography reports all the maps and shells and artifacts are stored in a container which will be moved to a storage spot.

Plans are for the Lab to be renovated, a longtime goal of the Friends of the Virgin Islands National Park. 

"The museum will be designed for teachers to utilize its unique exhibits to help local students learn and explore their heritage, as well as educate visitors about the significant role these islands played in maritime history," the Friends hope.  Read more about the plan.

Archeology_2Meanwhile, Archeologist (and painter!) Ken Wild continues to oversee an excavation a short distance from the shoreline. 

Cinnamon Bay has a long and storied history dating back to the Taino Indians, the first recorded people to establish a village near the beach approximately a thousand years ago. After the discovery of the New World by Columbus, 

More info about archeology at Cinnamon Bay is here.

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