Steve Black’s blueprint for Cruz Bay

Plan A longtime passionate St. Johnian wants the new island planner and the Port Authority to seize what he calls a "rare opportunity" to create a better Cruz Bay.  Better for businesses, better for locals, and better for tourists.

Steve Black spelled out his thoughts in a letter to the St. John Tradewinds.  Some of his ideas:

Move the Customs, the Cruise Ship and the Inter-Island depots to Enighed Pond, where the new commercial area's nearly five acres is largely unused except for hourly car barges. The depots are now crammed into the small harbor known as the Creek,
bordered by the street to Caneel and the National Park Service

Develop boardwalks along the Cruz Bay waterfront and Enighed. "This beautifies both areas and opens the door to the benefits of a boating economy," Black wrote.

Also at Enighed, create a vendors village of local crafts people as well as a local fish market.

Like many of Black's ideas, these deserve to be heard, discussed and considered.

!!! You should not consider the Google Map here too seriously.  It shows the Westin Resort in the middle of the Cruz Bay harbor.

6 thoughts on “Steve Black’s blueprint for Cruz Bay”

  1. I think that a board walk done tastefully with a caribbean flavor could definitely enhance the area being discussed. I have been to Atlantic City, as well, but I don’t think that the concept there is necessary the same one in mind for Cruz Bay.

  2. I agree with the recent comment that it can be tatefully done. Comparing Atlantic City to St John? Never! The things that were too commercial, was when they put a Burger King in Cruz Bay, and a Subway there, now that is too commercial, best keeping those sort of things in St Thomas….

  3. The word “boardwalk” has a connotation that is not what Cruz Bay needs. Why not refer to a walk way with colorful shops and welcoming carribean restraurants along the waterfront as a “WALK A BOUT? I think it would enhance the whole town and bring much more revenue to the island.

  4. I think what he may mean is a quaint charming pedestrian-only area which would not only add to the ambience but also the safety of Cruz Bay.

  5. Don’tmake any more changes….leave it alone. I am sure you won’t listen to a toursit that visits 3 times a year for 7 – 10 days & spends my money there. Too bad!!!

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