Virgin Islands Appears on Daily Show… And It’s Hysterical

daily show
My goodness, now this is funny… Last month, we told you how we were hanging out at The Beach Bar when we stumbled on a film crew from the Daily Show. (Click here to read all about it.) Well that episode aired last night, and it literally made me laugh out loud. Sadly The Beach Bar scenes didn’t make the cut, but a few other familiar spots around the area did.

Please take six minutes out of your busy lives to watch this … I promise it will make you laugh.


7 thoughts on “Virgin Islands Appears on Daily Show… And It’s Hysterical”

  1. It was fun. The best untold story is that they forgot to put on their parking brake on the rental car in the driveway at Peter Bay and the car rolled down the driveway and off the small cliff. I wish I had that on video! 🙂

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