St. John restaurants available

A reader wrote, "In the piece about Tage being closed, you mentioned 5 restaurants for sale. What eateries are for sale?"

Here they are:

Pastory Gardens, $6 million
    This is really a real estate land development offering
Stone Terrace, $650,000
Baked in the Sun, $450,000.
Chilly Billy’s, $275,000
(Formerly) Duffy’s, $200,000
Cafe Roma, $175,000

Source: Multiple Listing Service

4 thoughts on “St. John restaurants available”

  1. Stone Terrace is for sale? What’s happening? It’s been our favorite (and most consistent) restaurant experience anywhere since we ended our honeymoon there 5 years ago…

  2. Why would Lonnie and Albert put Stone Terrace up for sale and not the Fish Trap and the Fish Market? Also St. John Car rental.
    Sheffy wants to sell Deli Grotto why?
    I wonder do people just put the business up for sale to see if they will get a bite?

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