Virgin Fire Slated to Open Next Week; Menu Items Released

Virgin Fire

Virgin Fire, the new restaurant created by Michael and Barbie Barry of the Sun Dog Cafe, is looking to open its doors next Monday if all goes as planned.

“We’re in Labor!” the Barrys exclaimed in a message posted to Sun Dog Cafe’s Facebook page Tuesday night. “Really, we are bustin’ butt to open Virgin Fire (formerly La Plancha, Paradiso). If the furniture clears customs, it’s a Monday ‘preview’ opening. Preview means some of the stuff isn’t here yet, but the menu is!”

And from what we’ve seen, the menu looks great. It includes a variety of dishes and flavors at a reasonable price. The following list is going into Virgin Fire’s test kitchen; however not all items will make the final menu. (Please click the image to enlarge it.)

Virgin Fire Appetizers
Virgin Fire Soups Salads and Sides
Virgin Fire Small Plates
Virgin Fire Full Plates

In addition to what looks to be a great menu, Virgin Fire is also offering some great amenities to its guests. For starters, it plans to offer call ahead seating which is very convenient. Parties can call the restaurant any day after 4 p.m. and place their name on the waiting list. This can significantly reduce or eliminate wait times. Virgin Fire also plans to take reservations for parties of five or more.

Another great feature Virgin Fire will offer is a “Frequent Fire VIP” card. (This feature, however, is for residents of the US Virgin Islands only.) Frequent Fire VIPs will receive one point per dollar spent, and will receive gift certificates when certain limits are reached. For example, if the VIP spends $300, he/she will receive a $20 gift card.

Virgin Fire is located on the upper level in Mongoose Junction near the Sun Dog Cafe. It will be open daily from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. You can contact them by calling (340) 777-FIRE or by visiting their website at www.virginfirevi.com


6 thoughts on “Virgin Fire Slated to Open Next Week; Menu Items Released”

  1. Awesome! The menu looks very enticing and the price points of their entrees are extremely reasonable, especially for this island.

  2. Price points and logo design very nice!

    How about oraganic vegan features?

    Will be in sometime between November 10th and 24th!! Plenty of time…

    Maura Curley and I headin’ back to the rock, and moving back full time May 2014.
    Thanks Barbie and Michael….

  3. Look forward to sampling this menu. I, too, think the price points are great and the selection sounds fabulous. It will be interesting which items survive the test run.
    See you in the spring!

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