Villa Owner Services

Owning property here is great … but it can also be a hassle. 

I can help!  I can be your "island girl."

I worked for the developers of the Virgin Grand Hotel & Villas (now the Westin/Starwood), for 4 years, coordinating the new development and the construction crews. After “going” back to America, I managed a 40-unit timeshare resort in Florida for (8 years), helping owners maintain rental units and tend to their arrival needs. 

In 2002, “coming” back to St. John, I made the decision, no more “going”.  I made St. John my home.

I worked with Catered To Vacation Homes renting villas via phone and Internet, picking up guests at the dock. For the past 2 years I managed the Mail Center, and through many conversations, realized many homeowners have a need for my special talents.

My staff includes  A/C repair & electrical services, plumbing, a muscleman with a truck, vehicle and villa maintenance. 

Perhaps we can be of service to you! 

  • Pick you up when “coming and going"
  • Automobile maintained, inspected at DMV if needed
  • Check that the pool is kept sparking clean
  • Check the landscaper is not letting the bush overtake your plants
  • Check cistern and roofs for leaks.
  • Close up for storms
  • Pay local monthly bills
  • Pick-up and send your mail
  • Take you to the dock when “going”

    Patti Christy, Owner
    [email protected]


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