Villa to become an Animal House

The "sprawling, elegant Hall residence" will be the scene of this weekend's fund raiser for the Animal Care Center, according to a news release from the ACC.


Go Wild for the Animals is the theme of this year's soiree. 

Guests are being encouraged to wear "animal-inspired clothing."  Otherwise, dress will be what's called island fancy or Jungle Formal.  Tickets are $125 at the door and 150 will be sold.  Ticket holders have a chance to win vacations, a custom oil painting, and catered meals.

The villa sounds fantastic, almost worth the price of admission just to see it, never mind the food, drinks and good times. The ACC says guests will be greeted by a "fountained courtyard … a two-level pool, poolside bars and large decks."

The Inquiring Iguana encourages island visitors to attend events like this, and not just to support the good causes.  Meeting and greeting locals is a wonderful way to feel at home on the island and to get a sense of the warmth and dedication of St. John's residents.

7 thoughts on “Villa to become an Animal House”

  1. Hope they do a better job than the shelter does with donor bookkeeping. I’ve donated by mail to the shelter, and never got a thank you letter or doc I could use for tax purposes. Made me wonder how many potential donors stopped giving because of the poor communications….

  2. I hope no one stops giving just because they don’t get a thank you, or even a tax receipt. I believe giving comes from the heart, because you really want to help.

  3. Anne, I’m current secretary of the ACC and past president. Please send me your email address and the amount you donated and I will get a tax letter to you. I am deeply sorry you did not receive acknowledgment for your kind contribution and will do what I can to make amends immediately! We are a small shelter and are just now creating a donor database which will hopefully mean no donors will be left in the dark. We all thank you for helping the animals. [email protected] if the address doesn’t show up, call the shelter and leave the info with them for BJ. Thanks.

  4. My wife and I left the island last week and adopted a kitten from the ACC. He is a great addition to the family and the ACC staff could not have been more thoughtful and helpful. Great people with whom to work!
    George Zimmer

  5. George, thanks for giving one of St. John’s homeless furry friends a home! What a great thing to do!
    And thanks for your response BJ. Nobody is perfect, and it is great to see that you were quick to right the situation once you were made aware. The ACC is an invaluable asset to St. John. I myself have two larger furry friends from the ACC, love them to pieces!

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