Video Lottery … yes or No

News that Video Lottery Terminals are open for business at Wharfside set off a bunch of comments. What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Video Lottery … yes or No”

  1. I’ve seen a lot of changes in St. John since I started coming here 10 years ago. None of these changes has preserved the look and feel of the paradise as I saw it. I’m sorry to say St. John is looking more and more like a cheezy tourist trap and less like the quiet little island paradise it was 10 years ago. (Those new monster condos are about the last thing I want to see when I approach from St. Thomas and what about the Hummer I saw a year ago… Good Heavens!)
    Can someone answer how St. John can get back the feel of paradise in its heart?

  2. One more reason for not going to St. John again. Construction noise, police cars with lights spinning, video machines. It’s like the Chicago suburbs I live in.
    Jim Biron – there is no way to get the old feeling back, but keep it in retrospect. I knew people who vacationed there 25 years ago. (my first time was in 1991 and it was pretty rustic back then – we camped at Cinammon ) That’s when it WAS paradise. There’s too much money today!

  3. Janet and Jim,
    I just returned from a 10 day stay on STJ. I too am a longtime visitor of the island and share in your feelings of loss. It is sad that the money driven developers don’t care about the essence that attracts most people to the island. But here is the good news. This trip had some great redeeming moments for me. Being that it was the peak of hurricane season, the island was quiet and much like the “old days”. No hassles for parking, no stateside attitudes from unseasoned tourists. The “casino” is small scale and replaces “Larry’s Landing” pool room. It is tastefully done and it’s impact is far less destructive than the cement condo jungle up the street towering over Cruz Bay beach. We can only hope that the economy will impact the development surge – and maybe it’s good news that the airlines are making it harder for us to get there. Those of us who still love it will find a way. While the internet and the “Kenny Chesney” crowd has changed the feel of things, I believe we can still find the old paradise – at least for now!

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