VI Tourism tries a new look

The Department of Tourism unveiled  a new image for VI marketing and promotional efforts.  That’s it at the left. 

(Does it seem kind of underwhelming and sedate to anybody else?   Comment on it here.)

“The Mocko Jumbie character (logo) symbolizes the vibrancy of our people and our culture, while the stars represent the enchanting and individual spirits of St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John,” said Beverly Nicholson-Doty, the Tourism commissioner.

The logo will begin appearing in VI advertising and marketing materials soon and be a focus a new VI tourism Web site to be launched next month.

“We decided it was time to adapt to the changing marketplace and develop a new logo and branding that truly represents the U.S. Virgin Islands and symbolizes the unscripted vacation experience that comes with having three very distinct islands and a variety of unique experiences to choose from,” Nicholson added. “ “The Mocko Jumbie character symbolizes the vibrancy of our people and our culture, while the stars represent the enchanting and individual spirits of St. Croix, St. Thomas and St. John.”          

The “unscripted vacation” idea came out of (what else?) market research.  “Following months of rigorous market research and focus group sessions conducted by Atlanta-based advertising agency, J. Walter Thompson, the Department of Tourism learned that while the 'American' aspects of the islands remains important to consumers, what is more compelling are the wide range of experiences available, the balance between opportunities for interaction versus seclusion, and the natural beauty of the islands,” Tourism said in a news release.

The previous marketing strategy, appealing to post-9/11 travelers and emphasizing the Territories’ connection to the United States, is being discontinued.

10 thoughts on “VI Tourism tries a new look”

  1. Been coming to St. John since 1982; working in the ad business even longer. No, from what little I can see, it’s hard to imagine a compelling campaign coming out of this logo treatment. Having been through these situations before, my guess is that there’s a political need to have some sort of consensus across the three islands and the resulting compromise may be still-borning the better ideas of the creative team (assuming they’re sufficiently talented). I’m just guessing, of course.
    I know I keep coming back to the Virgin Islands because I like it better than the other places I visit. It’s as simple as that. In this era of endless choices, that simple idea is also a powerful one. Particularly in a web-based campaign.

  2. Ms. Dody need to be replaced with someone who has a clue as to what’s going on in the world travel industry. New Logo’s, Convention incentives, etc… are NOT going to work. Here’s what will work: Lowere the per night room rates and lowere the per night room tax at the resorts in USVI. The prices that I see some of these place trying to charge are higher than in Times square in NYC! Here is reality: People that can afford the USVI will pay any amount. This group is getting smaller every day. The people that are on a budget WILL look for alternitives, and there are many. I just booked a couple into cancun changing from the WESTIN because they were saving over $ 3000.000 on their trip! So, Ms Dody, keep on submitting your art class pictures and your non-existant credits and incentives, You will be there with very few tourists enjoying beautiful St John.

  3. An aside… my mom worked for J Walter Thompson for like 4o years and lived on St. John part time for many years. I’m sure she could have come up with a better campaign!!

  4. In most of these posts, everyone seems to be critical of the new logo produced by JWT. I think it looks pretty cool and I understand the connection to Mocko Jumbie and each island having it own individuality, yada, yada, yada. It seems the direction is too inwardly focused in my opinion. But what about why most people go to the Virgin Islands, it about Beauty, Safety, Luxury, Eco-Friendly and Relaxation. It’s not about heritage and individual spirits for vacationers. Has the person who worked on the logo ever been there?? I think if the Dept of Tourism really wanted to do some good they would figure out a way to get some cheaper airfares to the region.

  5. The Mocko Jumbie is a very nice clean design. However, I agree with Mike it looks more like a vendors logo. The design is also taking in to account that everyone in the world is familiar with Virgin Island’s Mocko Jumbies. I would think the majority of people would view this logo standing on its own as a colorful stick figure throwing stars.

  6. Haven’t yet been to the USVI yet, but will be going soon. I don’t know how this compares to the previous logo, but I would have thought something highlighting the natural beauty of the islands would have been better than something that looks “slick” or “retail-ish.” But as another poster said, maybe it won’t draw people and St. John can continue to be a place to go for getting away from the crowds!

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