USVI Taxi Rates Increase

USVI Taxi Rates Increase

Good Morning, Good Morning!  Last month when Teddy and I flew to Puerto Rico to bring Asante home for the season, we were a bit surprised when the taxi driver requested $50 as payment upon drop off at the airport.   We didn’t say anything about the higher-than-normal requested rate that usually is about $20 per person, but the silent exchange between our glances must have been apparent.  The driver explained that if we had got a ride a few days earlier it would have been less.  But the rates had just gone up.  I recalled seeing a headline about this at some point and thought, “Aha, the rate increase went through…”  So, in order to keep all of you from being a bit taken aback on your next trip, I wanted to share the details on these new rates with you!

Last month, taxi fares in the USVI increased, reflecting the first change in rates by the USVI Taxi Commission since the late 1970’s.  The small increase in fares encompasses the rising cost of living in the USVI as well as the recent hike in gas prices.  Did you know that anyone who is legally operating a taxi in the territory has to have a taxi medallion to do so?  These medallions are often passed down within a family but the cost to purchase the coveted “license” is in the realm of $60k!

Licensed taxi vehicles are labeled with a taxi placard or dome light on the roof, license plates that indicate Taxi status, On Duty/Off Duty sign in the window of the vehicle and a sign, usually on the fender, indicating passenger capacity. The drivers personal identification/taxi license should be on the vehicle’s dashboard.- VI Now

USVI Taxi Rates Increase 1
Look for the above details to make sure you are taking a lisenced taxi!

Additionally, the majority of our licensed taxi drivers own and operate their vehicles so the upkeep, the rising cost of gas and downtime due to maintenance all falls on the individual operator!  So, the recent increase in rates is absolutely not surprising given the overall inflation of living costs here in the USVI.  Here’s what you need to know about the rate increase if you are visiting St. John.

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Taxis are a fun and less stress way to enjoy the beach!

First, for all of you first-time visitors out there, cash is king when it comes to taxi services on St. Thomas and St. John.  So, when you fly in, make sure you have cash for your ride to the ferry.  Based on our experience, that rate is now $25 per person one way (we each had one bag).  Also, there is no meter on taxis down here.  The flat rates, as seen below, are designated by the VI Taxicab Commission and are dependent upon your departure location and final destination.

Also, don’t expect a direct drop off unless you are paying for a private cab.  Most taxis will wait until their vehicle is full of passengers when leaving from a hot spot like the airport, the ferry dock, Cinnamon or Trunk.  So, do expect to meet some new friends on your ride to the beach or back to town.  And do expect for several stops on your way from the airport to the ferry.

Another quick taxi tip is to pre-arrange your pick-up time at drop off for some of the more “off the beaten track” destinations on STJ.  For example, if you are taking a taxi to Salt Pond for some beach time and hiking arrange with the driver who drops you off to return at a set time to get you back to town safely.  Cell phone service can be spotty around St. John, so it is best to air on the side of caution and set your pick-up time in advance for destinations such as Annaberg, Salt Pond, Francis, hiking trailheads not located on the main thoroughfares of North Shore Road or Centerline between Cruz Bay and Coral Bay, etc.

Ok, here are the new taxi rates as of October 24, 2022 as taken from VINow.com:

Same Group
Annaberg 20.00 14.00
Bethany 8.00 7.00
Bordeaux Mountain 26.00 17.00
Beth Cruz/Upper Deck 9.00 8.00
Calabash Boom 30.00 21.00
Caneel Bay 9.00 8.00
Catherineberg 14.00 11.00
Chateau de Bordeaux 14.00 11.00
Chocolate Hole 11.00 9.00
Cinnamon Bay 14.00 11.00
Concordia 30.00 21.00
Contant 9.00 7.00
Coral Bay 25.00 15.00
Dennis Bay 12.00 9.00
Desoto Bock House (East End) 38.00 23.00
Estate Lindholm 8.00 6.00
Fish Bay 20.00 12.00
Francis Bay 20.00 14.00
Frank Bay 8.00 6.00
Gallows Point 8.00 6.00
Gift Hill 12.00 9.00
George Simmonds Terrace 12.00 9.00
Goat Path/Maho Bay Beach 17.00 12.00
Great Cruz Bay 9.00 8.00
Grunwald 9.00 8.00
Haulover 32.00 22.00
Hawksnest 9.00 8.00
Hurricane Hole 29.00 20.00
John’s Head 14.00 11.00
Jumbie Beach 12.00 9.00
Lameshur 38.00 25.00
Leinster Bay 20.00 14.00
Little Maho Bay Campground 20.00 14.00
Mandahl 30.00 21.00
Ms. Lucy’s 30.00 21.00
Oppenheimer 9.00 8.00
Pine Peace 8.00 6.00
Privateer Bay 45.00 30.00
Rendezous Bay (Klein Bay) 15.00 10.00
Reef Bay Trail 14.00 11.00
Salt Pond 30.00 21.00
Sunset Ridge 12.00 9.00
Susannaberg (Clinic/Laundry) 12.00 9.00
Trunk Bay 12.00 9.00
Vie’s (East End) 38.00 25.00
Westin Resort 9.00 7.00
Zootenvaal 27.00 18.00
Same Group
Annaberg 12.00 9.00
Blomingdale (Freeman Ground) 9.00 8.00
Calabash Boom 9.00 8.00
Caneel Bay (via Northshore) 20.00 14.00
Cinnamon Bay 13.00 10.00
Desoto Bock House (East End) 18.00 9.00
George Simmonds Terrace 14.00 11.00
Hawksnest 20.00 14.00
Hurricane Hole 11.00 8.00
John’s Folly School 9.00 8.00
Lamishur 15.00 10.00
Maho Bay Beach 12.00 9.00
Mandahl 11.00 9.00
Oppenheimer 20.00 14.00
Salt Pond 11.00 9.00
Public Works 15.00 11.00
Susannaberg (Clinic/Laundry) 15.00 11.00
Trunk Bay (via Centerline) 29.00 20.00
Trunk Bay (via North Shore) 14:00 11.00
Vie’s (East End) 12.00 11.00
Zootenvaal 9.00 8.00
Same Group
Annaberg 20.00 14.00
Caneel Bay 10.00 8.00
Cinnamon Bay 15.00 12.00
Cruz Bay 8.00 6.00
Coral Bay 25.00 16.00
Maho Bay Beach/Goat Path 17.00 13.00
Francis Bay 20.00 15.00
Golf Course/Pastory 11.00 8.00
Hawksnest Beach 10.00 8.00
Jumbie Bay 13.00 10.00
Maho Bay Campground 20.00 14.00
Oppenheimer 10.00 8.00
Susannaberg (Clinic/Laundry) 12.00 9.00
Trunk Bay 13.00 10.00
Westin 11.00 8.00
Same Group
Annaberg 18.00 12.00
Bordeaux Mountain 27.00 15.00
Chateau de Bordeaux 20.00 14.00
Cinnamon Bay 12.00 9.00
Coral Bay (Via Centerline) 27.00 15.00
Coral Bay (Via Northshore) 20.00 14.00
Francis Bay 18.00 12.00
Gallows Point 10.00 8.00
Hawksnest Bay 8.00 6.00
Lamishur (via Northshore) 35.00 20.00
Maho Bay Beach/Goat Path 15.00 11.00
Pastory/Course 12.00 9.00
Maho Bay Campground 18.00 13.00
Salt Pond (via Northshore) 30.00 18.00
Susannaberg (Clinic/Laundry) 16.00 13.00
Trunk Bay 11.00 8.00
Westin 12.00 9.00
Same Group
Annaberg 23.00 17.00
Asolare/Estate Lindholm 11.00 8.00
Calabash Boom 35.00 21.00
Caneel Bay 12.00 10.00
Chateau de Bordeaux 18.00 15.00
Catherineberg 17.00 14.00
Chocolate Hole 8.00 6.00
Cinnamon Bay 17.00 14.00
Coral Bay 25.00 17.00
Cruz Bay 9.00 7.00
Dennis Bay 15.00 12.00
East End 41.00 27.00
Fish Bay 15.00 10.00
Francis Bay 23.00 17.00
Gallows Point 11.00 8.00
Gift Hill 11.00 8.00
Maho Bay Beach/Goat Path 18.00 15.00
Golf Course/Pastory 11.00 8.00
Hawknest Bay 12.00 10.00
Maho Bay Campground 23.00 17.00
Ms. Lucy’s 38.00 23.00
Oppenheimer 12.00 10.00
Salt Pond 40.00 26.00
Susannaberg (Clinic/Laundry) 15.00 12.00
Trunk Bay 15.00 12.00
Neptune Landing/Windmill To/From: 1 PERSON 2+/Per Person
Same Group
Annaberg 20.00 17.00
Caneel Bay 16.00 13.00
Cinnamon Bay 18.00 15.00
Coral Bay 18.00 11.00
Cruz Bay 12.00 9.00
Francis Bay 20.00 17.00
Gallows Point 12.00 9.00
Goat Path/Maho Bay Beach 20.00 17.00
Hawksnest Beach 16.00 13.00
Jumbie Beach 17.00 14.00
Maho Bay Campground 27.00 20.00
Oppenheimer 16.00 13.00
Trunk Bay 17.00 14.00
Westin 15.00 12.00

10 thoughts on “USVI Taxi Rates Increase”

  1. See you in December, for our 20 something visit. thanks for the update on this overdue and well deserved uptick for the amazing taxi drivers.

  2. The previous rate to/from the Westin to Cruz bay for a group was $5 now $7 – that is not a 3% increase that is a 40% increase and is crazy !

  3. I cannot believe what I am reading here. St John used to be a sweet little natural undeveloped Island. This is all too sad, the cost of living is outrageous…for the High Sidity rich n hardly famous.. I hear also rude current generation trashing the beaches. Island charm lost. The locals are beside themselves with the on going changes.
    This news hear has just enabled me in making my final decision as not to Visit St John…..after 30 yrs as a resident….No thanks

  4. Does it bother you that the drivers overcharge, build in a tip and don’t charge the posted fares? According to the VI now webpage (updated to the Oct 24 increase), the rate for two or more in the same group from Red Hook to the airport is $17. It also says there is a flat rate of $3 per bag for luggage. So it should have cost you $20 per person yet your driver asked you for $50. Is that right?


    I understand a fare increase and don’t begrudge the drivers a living wage. It’s when I’m being grossly overcharged that I feel like I’m being ripped off. This isn’t a good way to arrive in the.

  5. I would wish everyone complaining about the USVI increasing rates for the first time in years to go to any other island destination…. please….. and never come back.

  6. We stopped using STT taxis for airport and hotel runs years ago after getting ripped off too many times. My husband would get so mad and argue with the cab drivers, who would just shrug and advert their eyes.

    Horrible way to do business.

    We give our money to a private drive now, since 2005.

  7. We tried a private drive in 2021 and the driver never showed up for the return trip from Red Hook to STT. In February, we’ll go by taxi regardless of the rate increase.

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