USVI Named Top Spot in the Caribbean

Daily STJ August 15 2013

Like we had any doubts?!

The US Virgin Islands once again came out on top in a national travel poll. This time US News & World Reports named the USVI the number one place to visit in the Caribbean. According to the article, US News based its decision on the fact that the USVi has plenty of “pristine beaches, accessible tourist sites, predictable weather and comfortable accommodations.”

So if you’re reading this right now, chances are that you’re hooked on St. John. Chances are also that you’re well aware that it’s the top spot in the Caribbean and for many of you, probably the top spot in the world. Well we wanted to know what keeps our News of St. John readers coming back year after year, so we asked our Facebook friends to share their how many times they’ve visited and what prompts them to return.

We were overwhelmed by the response (137 comments as of late Tuesday). Here’s a sampling of what our readers had to say … and please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Robert Myers: Been 8 times….what keeps me coming back? I’m not done yet……

Alice Nagle Macchi: Too many to count. For me, I feel like a belong. I feel like everyone belongs; old, young and everyone in between, rich, poor and everyone in between, fat, thin, tall, short……and the beauty of the island with so many beautiful beaches and the preserved national park land. Really, it’s just an overall feeling of peace.

Brady Kittredge: Since 1978 and countless times since. My folks would bring my brother and I when we were kids. We now bring our children yearly to experience this special place. I cherish every year that we are able to share this place with them.

Cathy Henrich: first year I went was in 1974! been coming back since, the island has changed over the years but we love the beautiful NP and the people! My sister lived on STJ and worked at Cinnamon Bay and then Caneel Bay in the late 70’s and 80’s. One of her

Linda Goodell: 9 years on St. John after 7 years on Tortola…why the switch??? Well, the beaches and snorkeling were our magnets. It holds a magical spell for us. Plus, we have it wired now! It is amazing how many people say, “you’re going back there again???” We just smile and say, “you have your favorite camping spot and so do we.” St. John is our “rut” and we love it. Just booked airfare for April 2015.

April Long: 4. Good topic. I’d say we like the different snorkeling. Mangroves one day. Turtles at Francis. Starfish at lienster. Iguanas at the Westin … Oh wait, that’s on land . . .

Patrick Farrell: 10 times. STJ has a magic about it like nowhere else in the world.

Debra Stephenson: I think we on our 13th or 14th trip. it just feels like coming home now and I just feel at peace there

Stacie Gussarson Leyland: 15, in the last 11 yrs…because it speaks to my soul like nothing else can. I feel blessed to have been lucky enough to experience it even once. Everyone thinks I’m crazy, but clearly you peeps get it.

Linda Halleman Hollingsworth: 12 times. It makes me feel like I’m 19 again! And it’s magical, laid back life style.

Pamela Hanlon: Five visits in five years starting in February 2010. As long as I live, I will return every February. I can’t explain what keeps me coming back other than it’s my “happy place”.

Dan Wheelan: 13 times because it’s Paradise

Kathie Anderson: We have traveled the world from Africa to Europe to Asia to the South Pacific … never found a more beautiful place… perfect sugar sand beaches… laid back lifestyle …crystal clear waters… great food and awesome people and after 12 years & 25+ visits … it never ever disappoints

Barbara Webster Feirtag: Over 15 Years with my family and friends. Its about the crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches, great island food and music, getting to know the locals, the beauty of the island, the donkeys, playing with the iguanas, and the amazing colors of the fish. Watching my daughter get married here last year was unbelievable. This place in where I find peace.

Jeni Heidecker: We r on our 5th time and staying for 5 weeks this time. We too want to live there some day! I agree with the folks above – once STJ gets into ur heart its got u for good! I love the people and the feel of the island. Its beautiful and it makes me a better person with each stay!!!!!!!

Matt Denholm: 2 times. St. John is my idea of a true paradise. It’s where I honeymooned last year and spent celebrating our 1 year a couple weeks ago. It feels safe and it feels like a home away from home with all the perks of an exotic island. No one should ever miss a chance to see such a beautiful place.

Paradise, magical, nothing like it … that’s our St. John.

6 thoughts on “USVI Named Top Spot in the Caribbean”

  1. We have been coming to st. john for 19 years and we just booked January of 2015,this will be our 20th year! We just love it—–a perfect place to relax—-and we have made many friends over the years.

  2. 6 times and counting. Firstly, it is the beauty of the place, the amazing beaches, the live and let live attitude, the people and, and, and………

  3. Coral Bay has become our home away from home. We have made many friends in the east end and as I call it the 70’s vibe keeps us in love with the island like no other. Been coming for 7 years and hopefully many, many, more. BTW Love the website keep up the great work.

  4. Have been coming to St John twice a year for 35 years. Love the people, love the island and love the food( although miss some that have left). We will always be back.

  5. Have only been coming down for 4 years, but each time the island kept a piece of our hearts and we recently bought a slice of paradise. Looks like we will be returning indefinitely. There is no other place we would rather be.

  6. We have been coming since 2000, way to start the new millennium right. When the money was good we came at least twice a year. My wife and I, my parents, the kids who are all grown up and now the grandkids. Can’t wait to get back again, I love Blue cobblestone cay on the hike to Rams’ Head. It’s always filled with many types of sea critters.

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