USVI Governor: Tourists Cannot Visit for the Next 30 Days

USVI Governor: Tourists Cannot Visit for the Next 30 Days 1

Earlier today, we told you how we thought guests should stay home rather than visiting in the near future. We also stated how we wished the Virgin Islands government would do more to ensure the safety of all residents. Well tonight, I am pleased to share the following information with all of you.

Governor Bryan just released an update on YouTube. In it, he mentioned several key changes that will take place over the next few days. Most notably, the governor stated that no hotel, timeshare, Airbnb, etc. can accept guests over the next 30 days. The only exemption would be government or emergency personnel.

“If you are coming to the Virgin Islands, you will not have anywhere to stay for the next 30 days,” Governor Bryan stated.

This order does not apply to guests that are already in the Virgin Islands, he said.

Here are additional points made by the Governor:

  • The Governor urged everyone maintain social distance by staying at least six feet away from one another.
  • The Governor urged everyone to stay home as much as possible, It’s ok to go out for a walk or a drive, the Governor said, but “please refrain from congregating.”
  • All bars must close effective Monday.
  • Restaurants can remain open, but for take-out only. No in-house dining will be permitted.
  • Businesses can only allow 10 customers to enter at a time.
  • Taxi capacities will be cut in half.
  • The Government is monitoring the ferries and plans to meet with the operator on Monday. He will provide an update on this then.
  • Effective Wednesday, the Governor is issuing a stay at home order. This is not a curfew, he stressed. The Governor stated people can engage in services necessary to daily life.

You can see the entire update below:

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14 thoughts on “USVI Governor: Tourists Cannot Visit for the Next 30 Days”

  1. I am glad for the safety of everyone who lives on the USVI. Have to admit I was really sad to have to let go of our planned vacation for April, especially after waiting a couple years post hurricane, but we will be back once it is safe and fun for everyone. We promise!

  2. We tortured ourselves over a period of several weeks with the question of whether to cancel our long-awaited, 10-day April trip. That was back in early March. And then it became obvious – we couldn’t risk bringing the bug to our favorite place on Earth, or risk one of us getting seriously ill down there. We wish the people of STJ and STT all the love and good health. Just like after Irma/Maria – we’ll be watching for word of anything we can do to lend a hand.

  3. We have been visiting the Island for many years , first time in 1993 , on a regular basis. So we were very distressed when it appears that we will most likely miss this years trip after missing is 2018. But I must say I was most surprised with the response I received to my query as to cancellation of a rental (we rented directly from the owner om island).

    I hope you still come .. personally I feel safe and isolated from most of the world’s problems here! Sorry to say it’s a 60 day cancellation policy for full refunds and nothing after that. We will sometimes negotiate with the cancelling guests if we can get the dates rebooked, but I don’t thinl that is likely this time.

    • Wow. Please
      Private message me the owner and villa. To not return deposits when the governor stated people cannot return is criminal in my opinion.

    • Jen, please protect all of us from this rental operator and let us all know who this is. they should carry insurance for these sort of events.

      • Hi Eduardo, while I understand your viewpoint, I cannot morally post these names. I am reaching out to individuals and management companies privately. Some have responded with kindness; only one has responded with anger. I receive referral requests quite often. Just like after the storms, I will not recommend a particular villa or company if it treated guests badly during this pandemic. I hope you understand.

  4. When will the airlines be notified of this? I have been trying to switch dates for my vacation with Delta and its a hassle. Would be easier if they refund my tickets so I can rebook for another date. They said the only they would refund is if the island wouldn’t allow flights anymore.

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