The Westin’s new restaurant

When the St. John Sun Times reviews a restaurant, you can trust it.  No eatery gets reviewed until it's been tested three times. That policy was in force for the Westin Resort's new Cruz Bay Prime restaurant. The newspaper's Kelly O'Brien pronounced the eatery a winner.

Where the pretentiously named Chloe & Bernard's used to be, O'Brien said the space now has "has a comfortably chic, Art Deco air that’s hard to resist."  An "attentive but not intrusive' (wait staff) … will take good care of you."

During her three visits, one of the evening's beef entrees was overcooked and over seasoned.  But during two other visits the kitchen was on its 'A' game, as were "the immensely satisfying macaroni and cheese side, loaded with smoked gouda, parmesan, and mascarpone. "

Her Conclusion: "Chances are good that a meal at Prime isn’t going to stretch your culinary boundaries much, but if you have an appreciation for a fine cut of beef and a killer creamed spinach, then you’re in for a treat."

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