Caneel trying to keep out the riff-raf?

 Urban Dictionary:

The term used to describe people who try to gatecrash and just generally rain on your parade also known to be filthy and annoying.

CaneelparkingExpect management types at Caneel Bay Resort to deny it.  But it's an unavoidable thought that the reason the cost to park on the grounds has doubled is to keep out the riff-raf.

Beginning two years ago, folks who wanted to enjoy the resort's beach, or hike through the property to Honeymoon Beach, were asked to pay $10 at the gate. The money would be refunded if you spent at least that much at the beach cafe or the gift shop.

Which isn't tough to do.  A couple of iced teas might be enough.

Now, this season, the cost is up to $20.  Still easy to do with a sandwich and a beer.

Management justifys the increase saying it has to do with expenses to keep up the property.  The Inquiring Iguana thinks that's reasonable.  Spending an afternoon there is a luxurious treat, and even though Caneel is required to make its beaches available for public use, there is no requirement to provide access to common areas like the veranda or the patio roof deck  or even its rest rooms.

The Virgin Islands On-Line forum has some comments about Caneel's policy.  Some smart, some unreasonable.

14 thoughts on “Caneel trying to keep out the riff-raf?”

  1. It should be $50 or $100. Why should guests of the resort who pay $800+ per night have to share the place with people who want all the benefits without the price of the room? Caneel Bay resort should be exclusive to just the guests IMO and I have never stayed there.

  2. @big Dave
    The reason that the folks who spend $800 a night have to share is because it is a National Park. If you have ever stayed at any of the Great Lodges throughout the US National Parks, all grounds, including the common areas inside the Lodges are open to everyone. The recent changes at Caneel, 2-3 years ago, have led to the current very ugly atmosphere there. The parking fee has nothing to do with it. We have for years had Thanksgiving there and later walked to Turtle Bay for the sunset. Two years ago we were escorted off the property by security when walking out to Turtle Bay. This after spending in excess of 1k for the buffet for nine.The security literally followed us out to the parking area riding in their Cushmans. We have not been back. They are violating the principles behind their lease and National Park regulations. They know this but the average visitors, like us at the time, are too shocked by their behavior to create a scene. All nine of us live on St John, some for over thirty years.
    When I posted my complaint on their website they simply deleted it when they found it.
    Usually bad things happen with management like this.

  3. Sorry Big Dave… No beaches are exclusive. Even the Ritz on St Thomas has free public beach parking…. No beach has restricted access. For the record..to charge for parking at Caneel is wrong, if not illegal.. The point is… that no local should be denied an access to the beach.. Thats why we live here. Not that Caneel beaches are our first or second choice………… but we should not be charged to go there……… However, if we decide to visit Caneel… We’d be happy to spend about $20 for a hamburger and pay for extremely overpriced

  4. Management does not really care who goes to Caneel beaches. Management follows the orders of the owners who want to keep out the “riff-raff “. Management and employees are trying to keep their jobs by following policy.

  5. All my years of working Caneel Bay a Rosewood Resort it never was this bad. Especially with closing down every year for X amount of months or weeks. I never saw no riff-raff’s only DAY VISITORS who drive RENTED VEHICLES who come to Caneel Bay a Roseeood Resort to enjoy the beaches & spectacular property and sunsets. Because the other Hotels & Resort can’t provide this. But charging $20 is kind of steep! I know Caneel Bay a Rosewood Resort lost revenue in the years I spent working there and it is not because of the recession only. Management keep doing what they are doing, they will only succeed in loosing more than their revenue(It’s already happening)

  6. This makes me sick. Aparently, the ones that can’t afford to actually stay there are considered the “riff-raff” as a whole. Just not right. Locals or Day Visitors

  7. Present Caneel management is hostile to anyone on property not a registered guest, even those coming on property to eat at the restaurants or pay for massages, etc. They treat them as second class citizens. They are being very short sighted.

  8. Because of the “policies” that exist at Caneel/Rosewood property…even though I thankfully can afford to stay there, I am choosing to never stay at Caneel until the attitudes & “policies” towards non-guests are eliminated & changed. I would rather spend my money in a villa or elsewhere where those who love this island can spend a day at the public beach without being treated like Caneel treats non-guests. Shame on you Caneel management & Rosewood for letting this exist.

  9. Years ago Caneel was lots of fun to visit.. and time spent and the food was special. On each subsequent visit it became less enjoyable, on several levels.
    Too bad.. the setting remains spectacular.. but we will in all probability not return.

  10. The beach is free to everyone- no one is arguing with that. The grounds that are a part of guest services (dining and lounge areas) should be for guests only or people willing to pay to be there. Non-paying Riff Raff that hiked or swam in shouldn’t be sitting in a chair that a paying guest could be occupying. I’d be pissed if I was paying big money and competing with freeloaders for basic amenities. KICK OUT THE RIFF RAFF!!! I’m with Caneel management on this one!

  11. One more thing- There’s plenty of awe-inspiring beaches on St. John- why must you go to this one? Let the guests of the resort enjoy it and if one day you are lucky enough to stay there you will understand. And no, i have never stayed there.

  12. Storied….I think the issue is more about how non-guests are treated who go there to use the public beach. I agree non-guests should not use the chairs (should be for guests of Caneel); I don’t have a problem with that. Also if you eat in the restaurant, you pay (guests usually sign tab with their room # on it; wouldn’t be an issue for non-guests). Again I have no problem with that.
    It’s just how non-guests are treated who use the public beach in the way public beaches on STJ are intended to be used.

  13. The beach in front of the dining room on Caneel is tiny. There isn’t enough room on the beach for all the guests and riff raff. I can understand why they want to keep the beach for the guests. There are other beaches to go to!!!

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