Update: iPhone and the BVIs

LogoGot to thinking at dinner last night, what the heck?

So I just called AT&T, spoke with Stephanie, at a call center in New Orleans.

She couldn't have been nicer or easier.  Said they'd credit the "BVI" usage – no questions asked.  

Didn't even want to hear my story.  

I told her anyway … 

Her response, "You're good."

So's AT&T.

3 thoughts on “Update: iPhone and the BVIs”

  1. They have credited every call for the last five years. Calling for refunds got to be such a monthly hassle I had them turn off international roaming so I don’t have the problem any longer. Now if I make a call accidentally they post a message–emergency calls only–and I would have to call an ATT operator to place the call.

  2. Under the iPhone setting you can manually turn off roaming. This way you won’t accidentally incur charges and have to take the time to call. Settings-> network->data roaming off

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