Top St. John restaurant for sale

Photos of Sam & Jack's Deli, Cruz Bay
This photo of Sam & Jack's Deli is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Two years must seem like a long time to run a restaurant, and for Angie Warren, time’s up. 

She and her chef, Andrew Clifford, created Sam & Jack’s Deli in early 2011 to offer “gourmet comfort food to go.”  So far as their customers are concerned, they hit a home run. “Generous portions! Excellent choices! Great quality!,” said a happy customer. ”Truly one of the greatest sandwich places ever,” added another.

Trip Advisor’s ratings make  the third-floor Marketplace spot the top restaurant in town. There have been 143 reviews, and 120 were “Excellent.” Now it’s time for someone else to pick up the menu and carry on. 

Remax Island Paradise Realty has the place listed with an asking price of $250,000.

Sam & Jack's Deli really is the work of John Ferrigno, owner of the uber-successful Zozo’s at Gallows Point. ('Sam' and 'Jack' are his sons.)  It was his idea to start the deli when a previous tenant, Baked in the Sun, moved.

PS … checking the MLS listing for the deli, the Inquiring Iguana also notes that St. John Animals, the two-year-old ‘pet boutique’ at Wharfside, is also for sale.

12 thoughts on “Top St. John restaurant for sale”

  1. Positive comments on TripAdvisor do not necessarily mean you are making enough profit to justify the long hours in the restaurant biz. It’s a grind, and they operate on very very thin profit margins. Restuarnts are here today, gone tomorrow, except for a very few that can make it work in the long term. Im always suspicious of on-line reviews, they are very easy to fake and or influence….as proven by my latest villa rental….

  2. True enough about fake online reviews. On the other hand, we relied on S&J for wholesome and tasty food for 4 of our meals during the week we were there, and we are quite disappointed to see this place go.

  3. Baked in the Sun did not close, they just moved to a different location. And thank goodness, because they are this island’s best-kept secret for lunch!

  4. Sam and Jack’s is selling because Angie, one of the partners now has a baby and wants to dedicate her time to that. She was not pregnant when they started, but… In any event, John and her have made an effort to make any transition seamless as possible with easy to follow recipes and employee systems and manuals etc. It is the product of on island experience and success, something that has a lot of value.
    Online reviews or not, the numbers and real word of mouth reviews speak for themselves

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