Trunk Bay Beach Break

Trunk Bay Beach Break

Good Morning All-  Happy Fri-YAY!  I hope you all have some fun plans for Halloween this weekend.  I know the kids of St. John will be stoked and stocked on candy after all of the Trick-or-Treat goings on this evening.  I wanted to take a moment to share with you this morning some absolutely incredible photos, submitted by a reader, from one of your favorite beaches on St. John.

Last week, we received an email submission from Quenton Lowe of Howell, New Jersey containing several photos that were too pretty to not share with all of you!  The below photos were taken at Trunk Bay and are a snapshot in time, dated between 2006 and 2017.  Take a little beach break this morning…Courtesy of Quenton 🙂

Trunk Bay Beach Break 1
Step into the sea!

Trunk Bay Beach Break 2

Trunk Bay Beach Break 3

Thank you, Quenton, for the thoughtful submission of these photos of your past visits to St. John.  And, to all of you readers out there, I hope this brief moment of pause sends some peaceful energy into your spirit.  There’s a lot of craziness out in the world today….And taking moments away from that to breathe and appreciate the beauty around us is so essential to balancing out that craziness.  Enjoy the weekend folks..  And Happy Halloween to you all!

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  1. Good morning.
    “Peaceful energy into your spirit.” What a beautiful phrase! Thank you for sharing your photos, Quenton’s photos and your expertise about and love of St. John. My friends and I are arriving November 13th and I cannot wait to be on island again! The News of St. John has been invaluable to us in planning our trips (this one and those in the past). The beauty and the people of St. John definitely sooth my soul.

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