Tropical Storm Erika Forms; May Head Toward St. John

tropical storm erika

Well we’ve got another tropical storm to keep our eyes on. Tropical Storm Erika formed overnight and appears to be headed toward the Virgin Islands. The storm is currently 730 miles east of the Leeward Islands and is moving west at 20 miles per hour.

Maximum sustained winds are currently at 45 miles per hour and some strengthening is expected within the next 48 hours.

According to local forecasters, Tropical Storm Erika is expected to affect the Virgin Islands late Wednesday and into Thursday.

Again, here are the sites to watch in the event that we receive a tropical storm or hurricane:

  • US Virgin Islands Tropical Weather Station: This is a Facebook page with weather forecasters who are located here in the Virgin islands.
  • St. John VI Weather: This is another great Facebook page with an expert who is based here in the Virgin Islands.
  • VITEMA: This is the Virgin Islands’ Emergency Management Agency. You can find them on Facebook here or online here. You can sign up to receive VITEMA alerts via email or by text.
  • Virgin Islands Port Authority: VIPA will keep you informed on whether the ports and airport remain open or are closed due to a storm. You can find them on Facebook here or online here.

On a side note: the remnants of Danny passed through St. John overnight. We saw little wind but did get some good rain. Fingers crossed for some green on this island!

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