Travel Channel $potlight$ $t. John

EcoEco Serendib Villa and Spa reportedly got the Travel Channel treatment several times in July.

The VI episode of Top Spot,  the new show similar to “House Hunters” but focusing on vacation spots, included the “five star” St. John villa, a resort, and a private yacht.

“A few fortunate travelers will take a grand tour of three different hotels in their chosen vacation destination," the Travel Channel promotional material says. "Where will they decide to stay? Find out at the end of each show!"

Eco Serendib features jaw-dropping panoramas, a spa equipped with Sodashi natural products, private chefs whipping up gourmet dishes courtesy of the on-site organic garden, and a “Living Kitchen”.

Rates begin at $2,800 a night for the Presidential Suite in low season.

Try as he might, the Inquiring Iguana couldn't find a repeat broadcast time for the show, and the Travel Channel's web site wasn't too helpful.  But here is a clip rom the VI show.

4 thoughts on “Travel Channel $potlight$ $t. John”

  1. yes I saw the episode myself, But with a budget of $4500 for 5 nts and the Awesome villa renting for $4000 they made the right choice considering they would have to eat out every meal & or buy groceries and cook & rent a vechicle to get around when and where they wanted & they also wanted money for water activities & etc. All things considered I would have chosen The all-inclusive private yacht myself.

  2. I have slept in travel channel and checked in for two days. My stay while I’m on a vacation is indeed very nice. I feel like I’m just in my home and the place is perfectly made.

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