Tradewinds offers electronic version

Each new issue of the St. John Tradewinds will now be online as a down loadable file. 

Last week’s issue was the first to be made available in the Adobe PDF format.  The  full contents of the weekly newspaper can be read on a computer screen or printed out. 

The Tradewinds PDF is free.  By contrast, the Virgin Islands Daily News sells digital versions of its issues for as much as a dollar each.

Last week, when the Tradewinds released its first PDF issue, an online announcement indicated that stories from the paper would no longer be available on the newspaper’s Web site. That statement has been removed.

PDF available here:


UPDATE: Wednesday morning, at about 9:45 EDT, the PDF feature was not working.

3 thoughts on “Tradewinds offers electronic version”

  1. Having registered on the Tradewinds site, I am unable to access the PDF file using the Safari or Firefox browsers on my Mac. I get a page with the following error message:
    You are not authorised to view this resource.
    The same occurs using Internet Explorer on a Windows machine, so it doesn’t appear to be a Mac thing. I’ll drop an email to the Tradewinds and see what’s up.

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