Town and Country Magazine Features Love City!

Town and Country Magazine Features Love City!

Last month, a HUGE national publication featured St. John, and some of our favorite stops on island, in a lengthy travel guide style article with the tagline:  Everything you need for an idyllic stay on the hidden gem of the USVI.  The article shines a light on Love City as a “scene- stealingly gorgeous and unique destination” that you don’t have to travel halfway across the world to experience.  But, we already knew that, right? 🙂

I have posted the link to the full article below, but I wanted to take a moment first to give a synopsis and a few highlights of some of our favorite businesses who received a HUGE nod in this national publication.

First of all, the intro/background/history are all pretty spot on.  So many times, I read articles or blog posts like this and I wonder how much research the writer actually did or if they have ever actually been to St. John.  Ha!  The condensed summary of the territory and Rockefeller’s founding of the National Park gives a good intro to the highlight reel.

Town and Country Magazine Features Love City! 1

I will say that the author may want to do a bit more research in regards to the times of year to visit.  I would more than likely say that our “peak season” in a normal year is December through the Fourth of July with a brief lull in January and late April-early June.  Honestly, I feel like the BEST time to be on St. John is during November and May.  It’s quiet (again, in a normal year!), the temperatures are perfect just before and after the summer months, hurricane season is over or not yet begun and everything is open!

Town and Country Magazine Features Love City! 2

I do enjoy the thoughtful research that went into the “where to stay” part.  Aside from the obvious highlights of the Westin and Gallows Point, the author gives some great pointers on some of the best luxury villas on island.  And, I would agree, that Chocolate Hole and Great Cruz Bay are ideal locations for renting a home!

Town and Country Magazine Features Love City! 3
Flamboyant Trees line the shore of Great Cruz Bay

A few of our favorite restaurants made the “Where to Eat” list and, aside from missing ANY local food stops, it’s a pretty good across the board list.  Extra Virgin Bistro, ZoZo’s and Morgan’s Mango are the fine dining mentions.  I might have also included the Terrace or La Tapa however.  Longboard made the list as a middle of the road price point while Shambles and Skinny Legs take the casual dining crowns.  Again, an addition of local cuisine might have been thoughtful but I do enjoy that they strayed away from the easy points to the plethora of walkable “in-town” establishments for casual dining.

Town and Country Magazine Features Love City! 4
A mention of local cuisine would have been awesome! There are so many new spots popping up!

The “Where to Drink” list, I LOVE.  The obvious mentions of Joe’s Rum Hut and Tap Room are in there, but they also made their way to Kati Lago, Island Cork which is an eclectic wine bar on the streetside of the Wharfside complex.  Additionally, The Windmill Bar, a newer establishment at Susannaberg, made the list and has been made increasingly popular over time for its super fun staffers and unbeatable sunset views!

Town and Country Magazine Features Love City! 5
It’s all about location at the Windmill Bar!

As far as beaches and hikes go, I do enjoy that they made the obvious mentions…We need to keep our secrets safe from the masses right?  🙂

Town and Country Magazine Features Love City! 6

The boating list, although I LOVE that Voodoo VI, Kindred Spirit and Kekoa all received a nod, could use a bit of work…Midnight Sun Boat Charters is not, in fact, a St. John based company.

Town and Country Magazine Features Love City! 7
Congrats to Voodoo VI for their listing in Town and Country!

Blue Line, Island Roots, Flyaway Charters or Salty Daze are just a few of the locally owned and operated St. John  based power boat charters that might have been a better add.  Additionally, what of the monohull boats?  Yes, of course, I’m biased.  🙂  Cimarron, Tipitina and Asante are all operating AWESOME day sails and sunset trips out of St. John!

Town and Country Magazine Features Love City! 8
A day sail on Cimarron

Oh, and one more thing…The BVI are not open for day trips as they elude!  Don’t get excited.  That’s unfortunately a long way off.  I actually had a dream that I was walking up onto the beach at White Bay last night. Like storming the beaches of Normandy for a Painkiller, crying on my knees in the sand, etc.  I woke up laughing at myself!

Town and Country Magazine Features Love City! 9
Oh, White Bay- How we miss you!

All, in all, the article does a great job of hitting the high points on St. John without revealing our little tips and tidbits that we would enjoy keeping off of the shelves in a national publication!  Check out the full article and enjoy!


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  1. Great article! While they barely skimmed Coral Bay and out east, it would have been better had they warned of the arduous drive, sparse views and mediocre beaches that await those foolish enough to venture forth.

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