Tourist Travel Information Hotline Established

Tourist Travel Information Hotline Established

We get a lot of questions here at News of St John about the right way to travel during these challenging times.  Rightfully so, because the circumstances change often, which in turn means the rules change often.

We do our best to keep you informed by covering the Governor’s press conferences and other newsworthy information.  He will be having one at 1pm today and will report soon thereafter.

We try our best, but unfortunately we can’t answer every single question in a timely manner.  So if you have specific questions, please consider calling the Covid-19 Travel Information Hotline that was setup by the USVI Department of Health the USVI Department of Tourism.  You can reach them at 1-800-372-8784.

Please also keep in mind that the new travel regulations are now in effect, as of yesterday July 15th.  These rules currently apply to Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Mississippi, Nevada, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, and Texas.

Tourist Travel Information Hotline Established 1

Please read the Virus Updates section for previous COVID St John travel information.

6 thoughts on “Tourist Travel Information Hotline Established”

  1. I have reservations for 8/12-8/23 in Cruz Bay and there is no possible way to receive test results in my home state of Georgia in less than 8 days. Ant suggestions?

  2. Can anyone who has recently visited USVI clarify what type of COVID 19 test they used to satisfy the entry requirements. The Governor states what is required is a negative antigen (molecular/pcr/rapid)test. I interpret this as a negative molecular OR pcr OR rapid test. It is much easier to obtain a RAPID antigen test and get the results same day than it is to obtain a PCR test which presently has at least a week turn around time for asymptomatic individuals. I just want to be sure a negative antigen test from a RAPID test will suffice. Thanks for the help.

  3. Here is a suggestion how about staying home and let’s let the island get everything under control. We’ve had to cancel three trips this year but it’s the right thing to do. And I do apologize for being so blunt just how I feel.

  4. We have reservations next March for St John. Should we just cancel now? I’m getting the feeling that visitors are not welcome. I don’t want to be visiting somewhere I am not wanted.

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