Top snorkeling spots

Snorkel Caribbean Magazine's roundup of the island's best snorkeling puts Salomon/Honeymoon Bay at the top of the list. 

One reason it's terrific is because it's not easy to get to.  There's no road access. 

One tip is to go to Caneel and walk the trail, or visit the National Park Service building, get a trail map, and start walking from there along the north shore.  In second place for snorkeling is Caneel Bay, and third is Hawksnest. 

The magazine's list highlights the best-known snorkel sites, and not necessarily the locals' favorites, like Blue Cobblestone Beach (St. John Beach Guide).

(Photo is by Steve Simonsen.)

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    • We have been married 40 years and I’m bringing my husband there for the first time. We’ve snorkeled before but we are out of shape. We would love to see fish just off a beach. We will be there in Feb. can you help us know where to see fish?

  1. Francis Bay gets my vote. We just snorkeled there on Firday 3/16 and saw the manta ray that has been swimming about…stunning! Besides the usual suspects, we saw several southern rays, green turtles, an octopus, lobster, crab, and scorpion fish.

  2. Funny though.. That is our son Jesse when he was 5 years old and the photo credit should read Steve Simonsen! Wonder where they got the image from? Oh boy…

  3. My favorite,is also Blue Cobblestone, it’s just hard to get to. Others on my list include the reef at Chocolate Hole and the reef about 150 yards out from Miss Vie’s beach. I’ve swam with adult rays, barricudas, reef sharks, squid, lobster and fish I can’t begin to identify. ( way too many Lion Fish!) I normally rent some diving gear and go down under. I can’t wait to get back – still looking for a way to dive Blue Cobblestone.

  4. I’ve been with my wife to the honeymoon bay a few years ago. I have to admit that I LOVED it. We ended up renting a jeep and drove around the island for a couple of days just exploring then finally was told about that bay. Took a trip early in the AM, walked the trail and enjoyed the day snorkling with some other family that we met. saw a large turtle and the biggest sting ray i’ve seen in my life. worth every minute we spent.

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