Top memory makers from St. John

Last week, we asked what was the best souvenir you brought back.  These are some of the best contributions.

  • The sand that keeps popping up in my suitcase!
  • Aside from the memories of our many trips to STJ, we have brought back many pieces of carved lignum vitae by artist Hermon Smith. We love the primitive qualities of his work, and are so amused by Hermon himself!
  • My favorite item is a Schnell light that hangs from the ceiling of my screened in porch. It’s beautiful and a constant reminder of STJ.
  • "Johnnie Girl" approached us many times during our stay and we fell in Love with her. This beautiful feline was a stray in danger at the locoation, she was looking for friends. After a few nights with her, we cut our vacation short to enable her to come home with us to be part of our family in NJ.
  • I am fairly certain that my family brings about 5 lbs of sand back to the villa, per day, just in our cracks. Is there a statute of limitations regarding this removal of sand from the National Park?
  • A handful of sand from Maho (count me into the criminal set) that I have in a martini glass displayed in our corner cupboard.
  • A husband – 25 years ago next August. I didn’t actually find him on StJ, he arrived with me. But he came back as a husband.

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3 thoughts on “Top memory makers from St. John”

  1. To the folks who brought home “Johnnie Girl” the cat, it both made my day and brought tears to my eyes. We’ve visited St.John three times, been too long since our last trip, much due to my work with feral and stray cats here at home. When I heard years ago the woman who ran the island feral cat program was leaving I tried every which way to figure out how my husband and I could move to St.John and let me take up where she left off…..I still have the Cruz Bay Canines, Cats & Critters card in my wallet! Best to you and Johnnie Girl!

  2. I’d have to say it’s the many large conch shells I’ve accumulated over the past few years from STJ. Everytime I hold one of them I remember just what beach it came from. Hawksnest always comes to mind because it’s my favorite.

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