Today’s Video: The View from Caneel Hill

Hello everyone, and happy Friday! We’re committed to sharing beautiful sights and sounds from the island while the world navigates through this crisis. We’re fortunate here in that the National Park remains open, and the trails are the perfect place for social distancing. We hiked to the top of Caneel Hill yesterday, and took the following video for all of you. Enjoy!

This trail can be accessed from a few spots. The two places it’s most commonly accessed from are beside the parking lot at Mongoose Junction and across the street from the National Park sign on North Shore Road.

Last evening, I asked people over on our Facebook page what you’d like to see videos of. I have quite the list, and I am heading out soon to take videos for all of you If you have anything you would like to see, please leave a comment below.

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7 thoughts on “Today’s Video: The View from Caneel Hill”

  1. THANKS, Jenn & all !!!
    We were in Coral Bay last week and flew
    home to Syracuse Saturday. How about a Coral Bay video? We stayed at Waterlemon
    Villa, Coral Bay (VIEWS!). Nature is one of the
    best healers so you continue to heal us with
    your videos and “St. John Strong” spirit.
    Sue & Burt

  2. Loving the daily video clips…I will be down there in April unless the airlines cancel flights!! Two weeks in paradise for our family…maybe I will just turn them into one way tickets 🙂

  3. Hi Jenn,
    We were there back in Jan / Feb., and stayed in Coral Bay like we always do.
    If you could send videos of Salt Pond Bay, Little Lameshur Bay, South and North Haulover Bays, and Coral Harbor, that would be great!
    Gene & Lori

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