Today’s Video: Stepping Off the Ferry Dock

Yesterday, we asked if you would like us to continue News of St. John as usual while providing updates on how COVOD-19 is affecting the island. The answering was overwhelmingly yes, so here is today’s story… 

Ok, so I know you all enjoy your daily dose of St. John, so why not start where the majority of your trips begin… at the ferry dock!

Yesterday, we drove into Cruz Bay (where we kept a safe distance from everyone we came in contact with) and took this little video for you. I hope you enjoy this one-minute escape.

If there is anything you would like to see or read about during this time, please let us know, and I will do my best to post about it. Have a great day everyone! Be well.

30 thoughts on “Today’s Video: Stepping Off the Ferry Dock”

  1. Thank you for doing this, it’s a perfect start to the day. If you could walk over to High Tide and order me a mimosa it would be like I was there.

    • Thank you!
      Always enjoy the News of
      St. John
      Maybe a video of the view from Peace Hill. Am I asking too much.
      Take care of yourself.

  2. Thank you soo much for your videos and daily briefings!!! My heart is always there even if my body isn’t! Really appreciate all you do for us who aren’t able to be there!

  3. Thank you so much! This is such a gift to those of us off island who yearn to be there. We are with you in spirit. Thanks for lifting mine this morning!

  4. I tried to post on the Youtube Ch. site, but was not successful. That was a great break from all the craziness around here. Thanks and please keep up the good work…

  5. Thank you so much for this moment of calm! We would love to see what’s happening at Cinnamon Bay Campground. Are they still on track for a fall opening ?

  6. Good morning, Jenn!

    Beautiful video and welcome sight on a rainy day in a Philadelphia.
    Question: Are things somewhat “normal” in Cruz Bay. Our son is thinking of coming back to our home there to work remotely and to escape the chaos in the states. Just want to be sure he wouldn’t be stranded. Are the ferries running?

  7. Thank you for sharing, this makes me smile, still hoping to visit April 25, 2020 for our 1 year anniversary, your newsletter keeps me updated and we very much appreciate the updates. We got married at Trunk Bay on May 2, 2019 and it was perfect. Keeping all of you in our prayers!

  8. Thanks so much for continuing your work. It really helps.
    I don’t think I have ever seen the road between ferry and park that quiet even in the slow summer/fall seasons. Nice to see more of a laid back vibe even if it is that way for different reasons.
    Stay safe and healthy.

  9. Thank you for these little slices of heaven! I can’t wait for my next visit and I hope you all remain safe and healthy!

  10. So sad we just had to cancel our trip – we were so looking forward to getting back after the hurricanes. Can’t wait until we can reschedule. Until then, thank you so much for posting and please keep the news coming!

  11. Thank you so much Jenn! I look forward to your updates and stories. They bring me peace and joy! Hoping you and everyone else on island stays virus free! See ya July

  12. This definitely relieved some stress- thank you Jenn! Video of the north shore drive and the overlooks all the way out to Annaberg would be awesome if you get out that way. That drive always relieves my stress (esp bc I’m usually headed to one of the beaches). Stay safe!

  13. My wife and I would love to be down there.
    We are in one of the quarantined areas of the US.
    I’ve been working from home for 2 weeks now. Why can’t I work from the Island???

    Keep the good news coming, please, and stay safe.

    PS: would love a good link to the StJohn-Opoly game, if is still being sold.

  14. Thank you! I would love to have an update on Cinnamon Bay Campground. Especially this winter, I was missing the campground. Do they have a date for completion?

  15. Hi, thank you for this lovely video. brought a tear to my eye — I miss St. John and love it so much! we are hoping to go there in a month if nothing happens to prevent us from going. Stay well!! and thank you for all your good energy in keeping this forum going.

  16. Thank you for doing this. It’s this type of thoughtfulness for others that will get all of us through these difficult times.

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