Today’s Governor’s Briefing: Short & Sweet

Today's Governor's Briefing: Short & Sweet 1

Here are the highlights, folks!

  • The current state of emergency expires on May 12th. The Governor is working to extend the state of emergency through June 12th.
  • The Governor reiterated that no new check ins (to villas, hotels, Airbnbs, etc.) will occur until at least May 15th. (You can still make reservations for future travel.) He then said that might be pushed back to June 1st. The Governor will make the official announcement toward the end of the month.
  • The goal, the Governor said, is to test everyone who enters the territory. This would be those who enter by air and sea. If they are unable to test every single visitor, the Governor stated they would definitely test those displaying any symptoms related to COVID-19. But again, the goal is to test everyone.
  • The Governor stated there has not been one positive test that stemmed from someone who arrived into the territory by water.
  • The Governor said that the territory has seen a “downward spiral” of cases over the past 14 days. He said it does not appear to be that the territory is peaking, but rather “tapering off”.

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Published on April 22, 2020

13 thoughts on “Today’s Governor’s Briefing: Short & Sweet”

  1. Hopefully they’ll have the 15 min test. But then you’ll have to have a designated quarantine site to send them if positive. Anybody asymtomatic could get a rude awakening when they assume they’re there for a 7 day vacation when it turns out it’s a 14+ day prison

  2. Thanks for the update. All makes sense and he’s doing what he needs to do. I am in limbo of waiting for him to say when he’ll open up reservations. Do you think if I wanted to make a reservation for November and February, since late May is looking out of the question, we would have to wait until he says new reservations can be made? I assume that’s the case no matter how far out in advance one wants to book.

  3. So I am confused. I thought you could not make reservations but I did call a place in St John just yesterday to ask a few questions about the place. Looking, hoping, to come July 14th. The nice lady told me she could make the reservation now. This reads like they should not be. Can I make a reservation now for July?

    • Yes, you can make a reservation now. You just cannot check in today or through April 30th. The Governor said he may not allow anyone to check in until May 15th or perhaps June 1. That hasn’t been decided yet. But to answer your question, yes, you can make a reservation today for July.

  4. Do you know what the criteria is for people who own a home on STJ and just want to come back on island? We live part time in Coral Bay and are hoping to get back in June? Just can’t seem to get a feel for what we should do. We are in California right now – living like hermits going nowhere in order to stay safe!

  5. We are hoping to be able to keep our yearly trip for mid -June. I will keep an eye on the Governor’s brief. It would break my heart if we had to miss this year. Praying and keeping everyone on the Island in out thoughts

  6. We have reservations for May 16th, so if this order gets extended to June 1st than we have a right to a refund for airline and accommodations?

    • The Governor has not publicly stated that accommodations have to refund unfortunately. The good news is that the majority of accommodations are refunding when requested with regard to the accommodations ban.

  7. I want to do what’s safe for everyone, I have moved my reservation from May to June 7th . I’m not sure thats far enough but am limited due to my work requests. I’m confused by the statements he may extend to June 12th the state of emergency but says he will look at reseevations May 15th?

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