To Our East Coast Friends…

cruz bay st john sept 2018

To our friends in the path of Hurricane Florence, please stay safe. Heed the warnings. If you have been asked to evacuate, please do. Many of you may have been through a hurricane before. Please do not be complacent. The forecasters are calling this a “storm of the century.” They referred to Irma the same way.

If you are forced to leave your home, please bring your pets with you.

And most importantly, help your neighbors.

I look at this site’s analytics daily. North Carolina, I can see that you are huge supporters of St. John. Georgia, Virginia and South Carolina, you’re pretty high on the list too. You were all there for us after Irma and Maria, and we will be there for you after Florence.

Stay safe folks. Sending lots of love from the Virgin Islands.

9 thoughts on “To Our East Coast Friends…”

  1. Prayers and love to the coast from Ohio! We have family in Edenton NC and we are very worried about what Florence will bring. Stay safe everyone!!

  2. Houston hearts go out to everyone in the path of the storm and we are praying for everyone’s safety. People and pets first – property can be replaced. This looks like a monster storm – even if you don’t get a lot of wind, please be warned about the potential effects of all the rain.

  3. Thank you. Our North & South Carolina coastlines & lowlands are going to get slicked. The rest of the state expects Harvey-type flooding, as the storm will stall over us. It’s been raining here for several weeks & the ground is already saturated. Praying we have the strength of our St. John friends to rise above this, & thankful that Isaac is missing you. For awhile there, I was stressing for us AND you.

  4. Thank you for your support and please continue to keep North Carolina, my state of South Carolina, and our neighbors Georgia and Virginia in your prayers. We have not experienced a storm of this magnitude before. We look to St. John for inspiration, knowing what you have been through since Irma and Maria. We love St. John and always wish you the best!

  5. Jenn, your supportive and embracive words for those in Florence’s path were beautiful.
    We will keep our southern folks and fauna in our thoughts and hearts. And as always we keep St. John
    and its wonderful St. Johnians close to our hearts.

  6. Thank you for the beautiful words. It reminds us that we are all bonded together by our love for the sea . In the last hours before facing the storm it is good to hear people’s thoughts and prayers. My sisters home is right in the path on Carolina Beach NC. So many great memories made there but no matter the outcome we still have each other and that is what is most important.

  7. My daughter and boyfriend live in St. John and I live near Charlotte, NC. They have given us great tips to survive Florence. I also remember when Hugo came through and know what the winds can do! Praying for everyone in the path of this hurricane.

  8. We were on the island last year the week before irmamaria our hearts broke as we came home to Charleston SC and watched what happened. We sent a huge care package to our friend on st Thomas and booked our December 2 week vacation for this year in November as we thought the villa owner could use the deposit money. Now almost a year to the date here in Charleston SC we have Florence bearing down us here the USVI and Charleston have a way of sharing storms hugoin 89 killed the USVI nd then came and smacked us in Charleston I had just graduated High School and now 30 years later here we go again getting ready for some wind and rain here and we will need our visit to the island for New Years to recover

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