‘Tis the season for calendars

For St. John, one reliable gift idea is a calendar featuring artwork of locals. Elaine Estern and Steve Simonsen each have one for sale, as does a newcomer, William Torrillo.

EsternEstern's calendar is "Surf and Turf."  They're $25 plus $6 for shipping.

The 12 prints from her watercolor paintings range from a flame tree to a marvelous scene featuring Blue Tang out for a "Morning Swim".. (excuse
the plug here
… but the Inquiring Iguana's island home is called Blue Tang). You can order here.

SimonsenSteve Simonsen's 2012 offering goes beyond a dozen wonderful photographs.  It also includes a map of the island, a history of St. John, and a biography of Steve.  Price is $16.95, plus shipping.

MangoWilliam Torrillo, aka Old Mango, is asking $19.95 for his calendar. "I created this calendar so that you can bring a piece of the Islands back to your desk at work, your home office, or as a gift to a friend or family member," he said. "Each image has a story, each story has a memory…and I hope that a few of my photos can remind you of a sunset, a party, or an evening with friends down in the islands."  You can order here.

You can find St. John calendars for sale on the island, too.  St. John Spice has a good selection.

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