Throwback Video: Glimpse of St. John

Happy Tuesday everyone! We were going to take the day off today so we could finish up some last minute Christmas shopping, but plans changed when we came across a Facebook post. It was one of those “On This Day” posts that reminds you about your life on a particular day in year’s past. It’s a pretty neat little feature if you ask us.

So on this day last year, we shared the following video with all of you. We know that many of you are counting the hours until you (hopefully) have time off for the holiday. So we shared this video to help pass the time.

If you’re at work, grab the headphones because we brought Kenny Chesney along for the ride. Now take a few minutes and cruise with us from the Coral Bay Triangle over to Salt Pond. Enjoy!

Ps: No, I don’t drive that fast. We sped the video up to match the song length. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Throwback Video: Glimpse of St. John”

  1. First let me tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog every week. You do a terrific job telling those wannabe St Johnian’s what’s happening on the island. I can tell you love your job. We have been timeshare owners at Sunset Ridge Villas now for 15 years and come down every February for a couple of weeks. As we are looking forward to another trip in 2016 I’m curious about a couple of restaurants. Is the Tourist Trap still operating? We finally caught on to this delicious and simple restaurant this year and really enjoyed the Fish and Pork tacos.

    We have not yet ventured out to the East End to eat at Vies Snack shop, and now I read that she may not be serving her Fried Chicken or Fried Conch Fritters and Johnny Cakes? This year we called her in the early afternoon about stopping to pick up Fried Chicken to go and she was unfortunately all sold out. We were hoping to use her beach when we are there in February as I understand she allows access for a nominal charge, and then we are hopeful that she still sells her chicken during the busy time of the year.

    The last restaurant we are looking at updates for is Castaways in Cruz Bay. We discovered this restaurant this year and loved the lobster quesadillas. Heard there were new owners and just wondered if menu has changed much? Thanks for your feedback and have a wonderful holiday.

  2. David,

    I have sad news, Miss Vie is no longer frying anything. I was just down two weeks ago and we learned the news first hand from Miss Vie herself. She explained she is just getting too old to spend the day over the fry pan in the heat. My wife was CRUSHED. She has looked forward to the crispy, salty and garlicy chicken every year when we go down.

    She is serving up a beef and rice dish. It was pretty good, but nothing like her chicken was. Her beach is quite nice, and highly recommend spending some time there. But the bugs come out a little early on that beach, so pack up and head out by 3:30 or so.

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