Blogger finds St. John sauce to his taste

This is one spicy meatball!  Or, rather, St. John hot sauce.

MeatballBlind Betty's Hot Stuff has been a well known food brightener on the island for years.  Now, it's getting wider attention from a blogger, the Mad Meat Genius.

The 'Genius', who hails from cool California, takes his spicy stuff very seriously, too.

"Sweet Soy sauce is the aroma out of the gate," he writes. "Orange pumpkin with the shading of red tomato creates an inviting color scheme to this thick puree of a sauce."Smalllogo

  Even though the Genius rates Blind Betty only two stars out of five on his Hot Meter, he says (Surprise?) "This sauce is actually very good with food."  Hmmm … what else would you do with it, the Inquiring Iguana wonders.

The Genius tested BB with crab cakes and Dungeness crab.  Predictably, it didn't work.  After all, crab is a light taste.  Betty's ain't subtle.

But with fast food, good results. "This transformed some ordinary fried onion tubes to a Caribbean taste treat."

Blind Betty's comes from St. John.  The home office is on Bordeaux Mountain.  The Web site is here.  And you can  find BB at any St. John grocery store as well as St. John Spice.

4 thoughts on “Blogger finds St. John sauce to his taste”

  1. I got hooked on Blind Betty on one of our St. John vacations and shared it with two co workers who are now hooked as well. St. John Spice kept us in hot sauce until one person discovered it in stock at a local liquor warehouse. He bought them out while he was there but did share one bottle with me. Keep the Blind Betty coming to the states until our next trip to St. John.

  2. My kitchen is never without Blind Betty’s. We cook with it every week. Every other week, we cook with Miss Anna’s too.

  3. I have a stash of this sauce. It is the best sauce ever! I’ve had the Belize hot sauces that most folks in Texas like and prefer the Blind Betty!

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